vote!Dear readers, I know ck doesn’t much care whether Jewlicious comes out on top or not really wants to win, so I’ll pretend I don’t either admit I wouldn’t mind a tiny little victory.

But PLEASE vote for us!


(Here, I’ll even put up a smiley: 🙂 )

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  • TM, I know exactly how you feel. I feel the same way about my noms.

    Where it was not a conflict of interest, quite a few of my votes belong to you fine folks…

  • Uh… thanks for the votes and all that. But I think the best part of this experience is that it exposed me to even more cool more or less Jewish blogs. In that respect I feel we have all already won. Consequently, I’m not going to go nuts promoting these awards. Ya wanna vote? Vote! But more importantly, check out some of the other blogs and uh…. read the book of Mormon ….

  • Ignore the sourpuss just above. There may be great websites out there, but there’s nothing wrong with driving more traffic to our site so people can read the sourpuss’s pithy wisdom and view the pics he posts.

    I am grateful for every vote and so is the thong-chasing sourpuss.

  • Oy, couldn’t you just get the neighbors to vote?

    Anyway, I just went to look at the voting and I don’t see that our numbers have increased by 8.

  • kenny boii!!! Heh. Are you doubting Kenny’s prowess? Kenny is all powerfull and in all likelihood used his neighbours’ unsecured wireless access to take over their computers so that the votes are cast in increments thus not raising the suspicion of Dave at Israellycool. Did I ever tell you about the time the Secret Service called me about some stunt Kenny boii pulled? You’ve come a long way Kenny …. uh, thanks for the support.

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