Okay, so maybe sometimes he’s a little off his rocker. But then, sometimes he’s Jewlicious.

Today in Israel, Rabbi Yosef, a man who is the spiritual leader of many including the political party and social movement, Shas, instructed all Shas Knesset members to vote against the pullout referendum. It is assumed that he coordinated this move with the spiritual guide of Degel Hatorah, Rabbi Elyashiv. This should mean that the referendum bill will most likely fail.

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  • Well Jess, love is a strong word and I was using it with tongue firmly planted in my cheek. However, since I agree with his choice about the referendum, and since he is influential enough that he may be able to tip the balance of any vote against a referendum, I figure that for a day or so I can, you know, like him a lot. 😉

  • I dunno. I don’t see the referendum as being such a bad thing. I certainly have no firm opposition to it and the lack of referendum does not strike me as cause for celebration ….

  • Celebration, like love, is a very strong word.

    Let’s use, “pleasant feeling.”

  • So, that fact that he uses his position as a religious leader to further the gains of the political party he sponsors makes him cool.

    Wow. Just wow.

    Whoa, even.

  • Roman, wasssssuuuuuuppppp?!

    Today’s a day for celebration – TM is into Rabbis!!!

    Tomorrow he won’t be cuz,
    A7 is reporting that Netanyahu went to beg for referendum support.

  • wait, are we now classifying individuals as “jewlicious” if/when they agree with our own personal politics?

  • I thought we were calling all Jews whom we like Jewlicious. Today, I like him.


  • Well, I guess this was one of his days when he’s off his rocker.

  • Perhaps. The cynical view is that he’s scared that a referendum here would establish some sort of precedent for a referendum that may affect the Ultra-Orthodox in the future. That would make him a smart and pragmatic, um, moral dullard.

  • Nice to know “Jewlicious” means “give up a large chunk of land without letting the populace vote on it.” Yeh, ram it down their throats, because we don’t trust the people to make an intelligent decision. You’re giving tyrants a bad rep.