Ynet informs us that the Israeli Broadcasting Authority’s watchdog committee is complaining about Israel’s latest reality show which focuses on supermodels.

The Broadcasting Authority, which was also presented with public complaints against the show, said committee members were surprised that Channel 10 approved the program.

“The committee believes the show perpetuates a male chauvinist perception that views women as a body and an object,” the Authority said. “In addition, the show provides a negative example for young girls and the way they treat themselves and their bodies.”

I hope these committee members will visit Jewlicious in the near future. We would never do anything of this sort.

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  • Wouldn’t it be cool if the American media censorship also censored for positive influence instead of sex and violence? I really think shows like American Idol, with its judges who really act with no regard for treating people with dignity, should be censored if we’re going to be censoring things. (But I really don’t think we should stop anything.)

  • I was in the UK last month and they had an American ‘models’ type show on tv.

    I actually thought while it thought it was glorifying the search for that ‘new face’, it actually exposed the truth behind the whole industry and that there is little truth about it. I recently was able to discourage a young mother from getting her young kid involved in modeling. She insisted that it was for the child’s benefit, but it wasn’t too hard for her to admit that that wasn’t really the case.

  • Burn All u Effin jews..BRING BACK HITLER!!! DIE DIE DIE u Effin Packi Mother Fuckers!…die die.

  • Hitler sounds peeved. He probably just pitched an unsuccessful teen dramedy to the WB.

    But I did like that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model Search, because they made the models cry by telling them they were too fat. Now that’s good TV.

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