Lizzie Grubman and her Power Girls

This started it allFormer ck client, Lizzie Grubman, arguably one of the most reviled New Yorkers ever, has a reality show about the PR biz that premiered tonight on MTV. Say what you will about the perpetually tanned peroxide blonde, she’s got moxy. She first appeared on pop radar as a New York Magazine cover girl. The accompanying article glamorized the celebrity laden fab-o lifestyle led by Lizzie and her colleagues to such an extent that all over Manhattan, otherwise bright teenaged girls aspired to be “PR Chicks” too.

Lizzie quickly moved from her small cramped office, into much larger digs. Her client list, including A-list celebrities like Jay-Z and Britney Spears as well as the hottest clubs and restaurants, grew and grew – soon she had a presence in Miami and LA as well. Grubman pretty much invented Paris and Nicky Hilton. Her crowning business achievement may have been luring New York society PR grand dame Peggy Siegel into a partnership with her. But then it all came apart.

Pissed off at not being allowed to park her (Dad’s) Mercedes Benz SUV at some dumb club in the Hamptons, Lizzie gunned the accelerator and hit 16 people standing in line waiting to get in. Much legal wrangling ensued and the once proud Lizzie did time. The publicity around the whole thing turned into an unbelievable hate-fest of almost unprecedented proportions. Lizzie touched a nerve, becoming the focus of all those that hated nouveau-riche, pushy, no-talent daddy’s girls who led glamorous lives while everyone else led decidedly uh… less glamorous lives. Everyone pretty much wrote her off – she’d never work in this town again.

And yet, there she is! At the helm of Power Girls, her own reality show on MTV that hearkens back to her glory days as a cover girl, when everyone wanted to be on her list, or be her friend, or be represented by her.

I mean, sure her Dad being a wealthy bad ass entertainment lawyer certainly helped get her career going. Sure she’s gruff and impolitic. Yes, her job involves nothing more than shmoozing on the phone all day and partying hard all night long while assistants (Hi Brenda!) scurry about attending to pesky details. But what they hey – she’s got a show, The New York Times did a Lizzie story that did not mention jail or SUVs, and Lizzie seems to be doing ok. Not bad for a college drop out! I say good on ya Lizzie. This is what PR is all about.

Now can I have the twelve hundred bucks you owe me? You catch Lizzie and her Power Girls every Thursday night at 10:30 pm on MTV. Or not. It’s your call.

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  • You deserve $1200 just for having the patience to research, write, include links and post that post. Kudos!

  • Hell, if I run people over with an SUV, can I get my own reality show too? How about if I run over Lizzie Grubman?

  • Neddafore – she doesn’t read this Web site, so no need to suck up. But yeah, despite the $1,200, you gotta give her props.

  • Lizzie and her pathetic company are an embarrasment to all REAL pr professionals.

  • That is definately NOT AT ALL what PR is about. What an embarrasement.

  • Yet another example of increased trashiness in America.