I entered “purim jokes” into Google and found this. I don’t quite get what makes these jokes Purim jokes but what the heck…

It’s winter in Russia and the people are hungry. The town council announces that meat will be arriving so all everyone gets on line to wait for the meat. After an hour of waiting in the snow and the freezing cold, the town council announces that there will be less meat coming then expected, all Jews go home. So, all the Jews leave the line. Another hour goes by and, again, the town council announces there will be less than expected food arriving, all non-communists go home. All the non-communists leave the line. Another hour, and the town council announces there will be no food arriving, everybody go home. As one man trudges home through the snow, he turns to his friend and says “you see, the Jews always get to go home first!”

Here’s another site.

Avraham: “Waiter, waiter! I’m in a hurry, will my Matzah be long?”

Waiter: “No sir, it will be square!!”


Chaim: “Doctor, doctor I think I’m shrinking!”

Doctor: “Well, you’ll just have to be a little patient!!”

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