Would you buy a used car from this man?Gotta see it while it’s still there…
In what will be a historic event, Russian President Vladimir Putin will make the first visit to Israel by any Russian head of state. The BBC noted that this will be the “first visit by a Russian or Soviet leader to Israel.” Despite the fact that the Soviets are now, ostensibly, history, the “Soviet” designation seems particularly appropriate when it comes to former KGB dude Putin. His style of governance has been uh… somewhat autocratic (to say the least) and he has also resumed his Soviet predecessors’ habit of arming Israel’s enemies. Given Russian missile sales to Syria and nuclear assistance to Iran, perhaps Putin simply wants to visit Israel while he still can. In Israel, Putin will meet with Prime Minister Sharon who himself is of Russian descent and who has visited Moscow 3 times since 2001. Well, if there is to be a thaw in Israeli/Russian relations I urge the Israelis to break out the good stuff. Do not, I repeat, do not serve that awful Israeli makolet brand vodka. Trust me on that. Really. Baaaad idea.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Ooh. Stopka Vodka. I remember it well from my Hebrew U (“OMG! THey’re selling vodka in the Supersol and it’s only 10 shekels! Let’s marinate a watermelon for Shabbat!”).

    And I may or may not have a bottle of the lemon-infused kind in my freezer right now.

    So what you’re saying is I can’t have Putin in my apartment with that kind of swill. Oh darnit.

    Why is he going end of April? He should go for Purim. Putin-n-Purim sounds like a match made in vodka heaven.

  • You know, the headline “Gotta See It While It’s Still There” is NOT funny. Gallows humor is one thing, but this crosses the line.

    Bite your tongue and think before you speak, OK?

    And I hope Sharon tells Putin to stick one of those cruise misslies the Ukraine sold to Iran up his ass and light the fuse when he goes to visit the reactor he’s helping those Persian madmen build.

  • Trust me Ephraim. I was being dead serious, Adar or no Adar. I must have said chas veh chalilah a thousand times while writing it.

  • Ephraim, I’m tired of you holding back on your feelings. If you need, we can hook you up with Shtreimel for some sessions so that you can learn to express your anger.

  • Oh CK,
    yes, at least you aren’t in denial that the shit will hit the fan bigtime in the near future, I’ll give you that.


    But FWIW, Israel is guaranteed to be around forever, but whoever’s stuck in the galut does not have that security.

    Come before it’s too late.

  • Josh: Guaranteed? Perhaps. But never to be taken for granted. That’s why you have to always love your fellow Jew – Hating is what got us booted out the last time!

  • Adar or no Adar, if you can say something like that, you need to get your head, among other things, examined.

    How can a Jew say such a thing? For shame.

  • Jeez Ephraim. Relax. I am super critical of recent Russian machinations in the middle east. The point I was trying to make was the reason I am so damned critical is that what they are doing threatens the viability and continued survival of the state. That’s what’s at stake when Russians provide Iranians with fissionable material. I think perhaps you might want to reread what I wrote. Sometimes I like to couch my message in subtle ways. I hope everything is clearer now.

  • I understand the impulse to gallows humor, believe me.

    Maybe I’m being superstitious, but I just think some things should not be said.

  • We know that the messiah can come either:
    ahisemah – like, strolling down Ben Yehuda and redeeming us like kings of the hill,
    b’eeta – in time, i.e. year 6000 at which time the world will cease to exist as we know it after a massive apocolyptic world war.

    Israel’s eternity is guaranteed,
    But the redemption/geulah defeinitely shouldn’t be taken for granted.

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