According to an article in today’s Sunday Times, the answer is that the Cabinet has already approved an attack and may now be waiting for the opportune moment.

I can’t imagine this is a true story. I mean, why would the Israelis share this with the Americans, one of whom has now shared it with the Sunday Times? I think it’s a negotiating tactic by the U.S.

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  • I was on the Indymedia site and this insider supposedly listed all of the plans and guidelines. I agree, who gives out that kind of info. Also, anoter guy started that whole “the U.S. will drown in it’s own blood crap, and how Iran could dominate the whole region. This was my reply to him:

    “they will turn the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman into an ocean of blood”

    Yea, and it will be the “mother of all wars”; “the Americans are nowhere near Baghdad”, blah, blah, blah…
    How many times do we need to hear all of this big talk, just to see the talkers get there butts handed to them??? You don’t go around saying that you’re going to wipe another country off the face of the earth, and not get confronted. As many wars as the US has won, if it were the intent to dominate, there would be 60 United States, and not 51. The US always leaves a beaten country in better shape than it was before. That is unless you have idiots coming in and destroying post war organization efforts.

    If Iran did half of what you said, the US could turn it into a burnt spot on the map, but probably wouldn’t because of the new tactics of trying to largely avoid destroying total civilian population. Which, by the way, could have been done in Iraq, but the US chose not to.
    You need to slap yourself and wake up.

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