Okay, I have to admit that Ha’aretz’s website redesign is not working for me. I don’t like the layout of the news very much, and this is the minor problem.

The major problem is that they’ve enabled comments. The comments have become dominated by the type of rabid Israel haters of the Left that can talk all day and all night about apartheid regimes and Nazis. Everything Israel does is evil, etc., etc., etc., the birth of Israel came about in sin, etc., etc., etc., Zionazis, boycotts are good, universities offering academic freedom are evil, etc., etc., etc.

The sad thing is that Ha’aretz has quite a few employees who believe this crap and now they have found a way to promote it. Essentially, they have created a mini Electronic Intifadah website. At first I thought to join a couple of discussions, but then wondered what the point is if you’re talking to frothing loonies? I guess I might join in one day, if I can find some time, but in the meantime I’ll just give more of my reading time to Jerusalem Post, under new ownership over the past little while that has removed some of the biting right-wing sting of the writing, and with the excellent and balanced David Horovitz at their helm.

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  • Really? It seemed about evenly split between harsh critics of Israel(“Israel can do no right”) and rabid supporters(“Israel can do no wrong”) when I checked a few discussions. Not really discussions but more like shouting matches. But still, all views were represented.

    On the other hand this was a few weeks ago so maybe the balance has decidedly tilted in one direction.

  • The best thing about Haaretz web site, AFAIK, the only one of the major Hebrew dailies that has the weekend Magazine edition online for easy printing.
    There Hebrew is of a higher level than the Maariv or Yediot.

  • I’ve abandonned ynetnews because of this, Besides the bad translating and minimal site production beyond the official release, the comments are dominated by anti-zionists.