Wow.Miri Regev has been appointed new spokesperson for the IDF. Needless to say, she is Jewlicious.

Furthermore, I am now considering a career change and will be attending journalism classes soon. Who wouldn’t want to hear the news directly from Miri?

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  • On military photo site, there’s an entire thread dedicated to female soldiers. And of course, IDF women are the most requested. But the funny thing is the comments…stuff like:

    “Zionist women aren’t that hot. And how did this thread get jacked by the Zionists…blah, blah”.

  • The IDF is continuing to clean house of all people who might have morals to oppose the expulsion of Jews this coming summer from Gush Katif and North Shomron

    Some of the dirt.

    One of the reasons Halutz is giving her the boot is that she had the gall to criticize the AirForce for lying to her about one of the targeted terrorist killings.

    Bringing the ‘head censor’ to the helm is also a nice way to say that we will be hearing less of the real news in the near future.

  • Yeah, politics, whatever. This is what a Brigadier General looks like??? Wow.

  • Precisely ck. Sometimes we have to leave politics aside and focus on what’s really important.

    By the way, I only tried to call you 3 times today.