We’ve been covering this story for a while. Here. Here. And here.

Unbelievably, the third worst scenario is now playing out. AIPAC has fired the two men who are under investigation by the FBI, policy director Steve Rosen and senior analyst Keith Weissman. Their lawyers are strongly denying any wrongdoing by the two men, but AIPAC seems to be distancing itself aggressively.

The government employee, Larry Franklin, used by the FBI to entrap the two AIPAC officers has returned to work for the government in a new job, but has stopped cooperating with law enforcement and, I presume, prosecutors. He’s also secured an attorney who specializes in “spy” cases. It seems the FBI set him up and then offered him a way out by suggesting a way to entrap Rosen and Weissman. Franklin apparently provided them with information about an imminent Iranian attack on Israelis and information about a Presidential directive as to how the matter might be handled. The two AIPAC officers are accused of having illegally passed the information on to Israeli officials.

The lawyers representing Rosen and Weissman are publicly stating that, “”Contrary to press accounts, they have never solicited, received, or passed on any classified documents.” One can only hope they are telling the truth.

The second worst scenario would happen if this matter actually goes to trial and would be doubly bad if they are convicted of the crime. The worst scenario would have them go to trial and lose, but have AIPAC itself implicated in some way.

I keep hoping this isn’t true, but as time marches on the situation is looking grimmer.

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  • All those smarmy machers who run there every year to Washington for AIpac nonsense, what a bunch of fools.
    And to think, they think that they are doing something good, they have been duped, instead of helping honest people in their community who have been affected by Bush’s economy. What a disaster.

  • Um Ricker, are you for real? Those “smarmy” people are not smarmy at all. If you meet them in person, you will see they tend to be very bright, good people who are advocate honestly, effectively and respectfully for what they believe to be America’s interests. It is not an accident that significant players on the national scene listen and support them, it is because there is a great deal of support for their causes.

    They don’t always win, and there’s no question that sometimes they lean politically in directions that may not go in line with what I would like them to do, but their hearts are in the right place.

  • Why is the community ignoring the economic catastrophe that has hit a part of our community in the last 3-4years (Not just our community but the nation) millions of people in middle age have lost their way, their entire job potential, and we as a so called caring community, have done nothing to help them.

    What do they accomplish anyway at AIPAC? Here we have Bush dictating to Sharon to move out of Gaza and some settlements.
    Not that I have an opinion either way on this matter, but you would think if they were so successful these AIPACkers, then you would not have this disengagement.

  • Quick! Have SHaron tell Bush to get the FBI to back off….probablly some silly Goys think we can be held to the laws.