What do you get when you put the PLO, Hamas and Islamic Jihad together?

I don’t know, but it can’t be good. The Independent Media Review Analysis Web site reports that such a union has in fact occured. The newly constituted shidduch has as its cornerstone a return to Arafat’s strategy of stages where concessions to Israelis are acceptable with the internal understanding that Palestinian sovereignty over all of “Palestine” will be achieved in stages, one piece at a time. So much for comprehensive and lasting peace treaties. Looks like Abbas did indeed learn a thing or two from his oily, dearly departed mentor Yassir.

Peace. We said PEACE, not piece! I guess we’ll see how this develops. Shabat shalom all y’all.

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  • This surprises you, ck?

    One slight correction, though: the paleostinians can’t “return” to the strategy of stages since they never abandoned it in the first place.

  • Oooh snap Ephraim! Heh. Legit point.
    BTW I sent you an email and u never responded. Please contact me at ck at jewlicious dot com. Thanks!

  • I’m kind of glad I just gave you this story, because I probably would have ended up posting something like this:

    “Hey, you got your PLO in my Hamas!”
    “No, you got your Hamas in my Islamic Jihad!”

    Because this alliance is much too upsetting for me to take it seriously.

  • Us Jews are very good at reporting such occurences, but what is our plan of action to fight this? Give them Gush Katif? Yeah, that ought to show em.