The trend ck spotted long ago is here with a vengeance.
What Yeshiva girl wouldn’t love wearing these new designs, hot off the runway from Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten?

Note the skirts, just below the knee or longer, sleeves covering the elbows, add a shirt underneath to cover up the provocative collar and you’re ready to make a splash at your next hotel lobby shidduch date!

Too much skin is fuggly. Tznius is the new sexy.

Tip of the sheitle to the I am Fashion blog for the comment.

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Laya Millman


  • “Provocative collar”? C’mon…
    Let’s not forget that we don’t really cover ourselves so as not to ‘provoke’ men, we cover ourselves so as to keep the mystery and excitement alive between a man and his wife.
    We sound like radicals when we say things like “her ‘provocative’ collar”…

  • Actually i have always been more attracted to girls in skits (long skirts) then skimpy litte nothing that u see their thongs when they walk. I know it sound crazy, but i am attracted to girls who cover themselves who are “conservative” /tznius. It sounds funny for 21yo male to say that, but its true.

  • Did you see the article in the NYTimes last week about skirts seen around New York? It was all about how longish (knee-floor length) full skirts are totally in and it was even accompanied by photographs of random people on the street wearing skirts that style! It was a cute article, but I have to ask–if full tzniot skirts are in, what will be when they go out of style?

  • Dina, you won’t have to wait long to find out. These trends last about a week. We’ll be back to transparent thongs by Tuesday.

  • eva, while there really is something about a nice callarbone, i was being a little tongue in cheek about it

  • If the skirt thing continues to blow up, and they end up being the height of fashion, what are frum girls to do? Wearing a skirt may draw more looks than pants, and then where are we?

  • Not sexy. Sexy is Bodacious. Copious amounts of beautiful woman flesh flashing.

  • Oh DJ. That’s like saying a good meal is one where lots of food is served. You obviously have little or no appreciation for the subtle and the sublime …

  • no offense aj, but the women on your site look like they just stepped out of chemo with those headwraps or some kind of freaky sect of fundamentalist mormons where the men have 6 wives and they all sew their own clothes. bad shoes, very very very bad shoes…inexcusably bad shoes. yikes!!!

  • When I started dressing tznius, I noticed I got more attention from guys. Actually, I have gotten asked out more since I started wearing long skirts.

    As for Chutzpah’s comment, I look forward to covering my hair with a scarf. However I will give you credit. I read an article a woman wrote that included a story from when she was pregnant and in school. Her peers thought it was really sad that this pregnant girl had cancer, as they assumed that was what the scarf was all about. I suppose they were a bit shocked when they realized it was for religious purposes. I think that is why so many opt for other hair coverings, but I like the scarves.

    The trend will change, but it will also return. I wish that we would get back to some of the styles from years ago, as I love some of the old suits women used to wear. I have only seen a couple suits that were tznius that I really liked. (Wondering what I am going to wear to my next job interview, lol.)

  • Uccch! In some communities the 7 year olds wear the same suits as the 30 year olds and 50 year olds and 70 year olds…have some fun with fashion and avoid ugly shoes.

  • Really, it should be each according to his/her tastes. So long as clothing isn’t obscene – it’s up to each person to decide what looks well on them. Some girls look attractive in a long skirt and others in a mini. Trouble is, many girls THINK they look good in a miniskirt when they should be in a burqah. In terms of undesirable attraction, well, it’s the men showing lack of self-discipline. Not the women’s fault at all.