Haaretz is reporting that the Israeli ambassador to Washington, Danny Ayalon, may end up being replaced because of a tiny little tiff he’s having with Foreign Minister, Silvan Shalom. Things are still up in the air, and Shalom has not made a formal request to remove Ayalon, but Ayalon has submitted a complaint to the Attorney General, Mazuz, against both Shalom and his wife, Judy Nir Moses-Shalom. The reason?

Ayalon said the couple had been behind the Foreign Minister’s decision to fire his personal assistant, Liran Peterzil. Channel 2 correspondent Udi Segal, who reported on the complaint last night, said the minister’s wife was angered by the way Peterzil had handled Madonna’s visit to Israel.

Sources in Washington said yesterday that the minister’s wife was behind the move to oust Peterzil because she was furious that he had failed to arrange an [sic] meeting for her with Madonna when the later [sic] visited Israel.

Please, please, god, if you do exist, please don’t let this story be true.

Ck, I just want you to understand now that if you don’t get me a meeting with Madonna (click on that for a laugh) for my participation in this blog, I plan to get Muffti to fire Esther.

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