Okay, this time I couldn’t hold back (my comments 59 and 60 relating to comment 37). I’m telling you, soon they’ll be doing a merger with Electronic Intifadah.

Edit: Now they’re calling me long-winded (I start posting late in the discussion). 😀

Edit 2: Today, May 17, I was longwinded.

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  • To be fair, it’s the commenters that are the problem, not Haaretz itslef. Although one might say that Haaretz’ repuation attracts commenters like that.

  • when I saw the comments I realized that the number of right wingers reading Haaretz is limited. Thats too bad really ,its a nice newspaper.

  • They also do pick very odd articles. And whatever the topic, the same crazy commenters always seem to end up fighting it out every day.

    Unfortunately, I am several of them. I think I need help.

    (Good posts today, TM.)

  • Dude, if you’re addicted, at least don’t be addicted so that it takes up too much of your time and life. Seriously.

  • Hey Oren , , , , maybe you beat me at swimming, at the beach . . . . . But I still love you anyway & the cooking of Silvie is . . ISRAELICIOUS G-D BLESS YOU ALL IN THE HOLY LAND FROM NICHOLAS (MR AHAVA)