Police Major General Bertie Ohayon insisted that police involved in this summer’s evacuation of Gaza settlers bring with them “a hat, lip balm, suntan lotion, and a water bottle” during the operation.

Once the evacuation is complete, police will meet back at the buses and head off to the dead sea for a fun day of floating and mud baths. Box lunches will be provided and please try not to be late as you will just be holding back the rest of the group.

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  • Alot of police don’t like the settlers cause some of the settlers throw stuff at them to hurt them. I’m sure alot of cops are looking forward to kicking some ass over there.
    I spoke to someone who lives on the west bank who was visiting in America over Pessach. It seems like they are in denial. She said nothing is going to happen, there is not going to be any
    removal of settlements.
    What I could see happening is if Israel continues to make incursions into Palestinian towns and kills children,
    (I am not judging), then there could G-d forbid be an escalation, then Israel will say we cannot withdraw under fire like that.
    Then the US might say OK we will send troops. Not sure if the US has troops available, that would mean a draft, where they would take experienced troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and bring them to the West Bank. Then the draftees would probably get killed more in Iraq G-d Forbid and then all hell would break loose.

  • Its our own fault.

    We have not listened to Meir Kahane.

    Until our enemies who want Israel destroyed are thrown out of our land we can expect no peace.

    Just following links from the site in the article showed that This Arab Knesset member was one of the decision makers of the evacuation on the finance committee: “Notably, Barakeh’s vote proved to be decisive and paved the way for the bill’s approval.”

    Beware of Israel’s coming destruction via “democracy.”

  • DJ, ya gotta stop getting reading moveon.org or Answer. Its beginning to get to you.

  • Digital, I never read Moveon.org, altho I will have a look now.
    What are your objections to them?