I know, I know, they mean well.

The UN, as we all know, has been a shameless organ of biased anti-Israel and anti-Zionist activism for a number of decades now. It has come to such a point of absurdity that the UN couldn’t bring itself to pass a General Assembly resolution condemning the killing of Israeli children…although they did pass the one condemning the killing of Palestinian children. Did I mention how UN soldiers witnessed the kidnapping and killing of Israeli soldiers by Hizbollah in a zone UNIFIL was monitoring and simple stayed out of the way as Hizbollah violated a UNSCR resolution?

Did I mention that Israel is the only country in the entire world that may not sit on the Security Council?

So, as we well know, the UN is no friend to Israel. This has been brought to Kofi Annan’s attention a while ago. Most of the events listed in the links and comments above have happened under Kofi’s tenure as head of the UN, not least of which was the vile United Nations World Conference Against Racism held in Durban, South Africa, which became a grotesque circus of vilification against one single solitary country in a world filled with criminal countries (where are the numerous UN condemnations of Russia’s actions in Chechnya?).

So Kofi knows well the lay of the land. Can he do anything about it? Not really. The hate is real, the hypocrisy goes on unabated, and the number of countries that will automatically vote against Israel ensures a continuing affrontery to reason and justice. Ultimately, he must serve his own institution.

So what is poor Kofi supposed to do? (this is where you imagine Kofi waking up in the middle of the night with a little red lightbulb flashing above his head). That’s right folks…Kofi has an answer.

Co-opt the Jews.

Heck, there are lots of Jews out there calling for reform of the UN and some of them even go on missions to the UN. So, Kofi realized, if I can’t really change the imbalance and unfairness of the institution, I can at least neutralize my critics by making it appear that we’re doing something and that they’re advising us in this “something.” So the very intelligent maestro has announced that he seeks the assistance of Jewish organizations in changing the UN.

“Today the United Nations, the state of Israel and Jewish communities around the world have reached a new level of confidence and mutual understanding,” Annan told a delegation of Jewish leaders paying a two-day visit to the UN “Of course, there is still some distance to travel.”

The delegation including 50 Jewish leaders from 24 countries was visiting the United Nations almost a year after the world body held its first-ever seminar devoted entirely to confronting anti-Semitism. They are also pushing for a General Assembly resolution that would condemn anti-Semitism, after similar efforts failed two years ago.

…Annan said he hoped Jewish leaders would help push his reform agenda. Annan’s plan would, among other things, seek more development spending by rich countries and expand the Security Council – the premier UN decision-making body. It would also replace the widely criticized UN Human Rights Commission with a smaller, more effective human rights council.

“I know that many of you are already on the front lines in your communities – fighting against anti-Semitism, campaigning for human rights, and at times suffering for your commitment to these causes,” Annan said.

Did you hear that veiled criticism at the end? That was a criticism of those on the Right who might criticize those on the Left, the Jewish Left folks, who might not be toeing the line on “human rights.”

Did you get how he’d like an even wider Security Council so he can water down the impact of the US, Israel’s consistent ally in that haloed body of deliberation, but still without allowing Israel, the only country in the world so excluded, to participate?

Did you notice how he talks about anti-Semitism but also mentions “human rights” issues even though the UN focuses primarily, like at Durban, on human rights as being virtually the exclusive problem of Israel among virtually all the nations of the world? That they use “human rights” to mean what they consider to be Israeli abuses against the Palestinians?

Did you notice how the reporter mentions that the UN couldn’t pass a GA resolution against anti-Semitism two years ago?

Surely you noticed all these things. As does Kofi.

So don’t let him talk his way out of the UN’s heinous behavior. There is no reason the UN can’t change without the assistance of Jewish leaders. There is no reason for “bridge building” by Jews when they have been on the receiving end of unbalanced attacks by this international institution. Let them build bridges among themselves and with Israel and the Jewish people. They are adults. They are diplomats. They are representatives of the world’s nations. They know exactly what they’re doing. Let them do the right thing on their own.

And then, and only then, should Jewish groups play a participatory role. Otherwise, these UN goons will change very little in their biased institution, but crow about how what they have done has been in conjuction with Jewish groups and leaders, so there is very little for them or anybody else to complain about any more.

That is not a desirable outcome.

Don’t be Kofi’s shills.

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  • awww, i wouldn’t call it unloved, per se. Maybe people just don’t quite know what to say about it more than yes, UN=bad, this post=good 🙂

  • So I wanna know which Jewish leaders exactly are gonna be Koffi’s little bitches. I want names. Can someone call the UN and find out? Then we can make brutal fun of them by uh … calling them Koffi’s little jew bitches.