Mohammed Dahlan, the Palestinian Authority Civil Affairs Minister, suggested Wednesday that Israel’s planned Gaza pullout was a victory accomplished “through the sacrifices of thousands of martyrs and wounded.” Dahlan has also accused Israel of poisoning areas to be evacuated ahead of the pullout, has invited Hamas to open a base of operations in Gaza after the pullout, and has accused IDF soldiers of giving poisoned candies to Palestinian children. Dahlan has also threatened a third intifada should Israel insist on maintaining control over the borders of Gaza after the pullout.

In the meantime, there’s been some violence on the Lebanese border between the IDF and an emboldened Hizballah while Jewish support for the pullout continues to drop. It’s gonna be a fun summer.

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  • Okay, I agree, we are the only ones that really see all palestinians as what they really are: descendants of osama bin laden. Funny thing is: the way americans and the world works, as long as the arabs dont do another 9/11, the world will see them as saints, doing suicide bombings are cool for them, as long as they are not in america. WEL AMERICA, The rest of the world> WAKE UP AND SMELL THE BREWED DECAF!!!

    These guy want the whole world islamic, yup, that even means you christians (yes, they hate you with a vengeance too!)

    I feel that the gaza plan is a great one, if it goes my way. They start attacking Israel from there and we completely wipe them out, every man, woman and child, because just like roaches, palestinians need to have the whole house bombed, not just a little spray here and there!

    Once Israel can show that we aint little pussies and we do mean business, start with us and we will shmear the hell outta ya, we will be sitting ducks (and so will everyone in the U. S. too!)

  • In favor of what,giving those hellbent on destroying us, a strategic launching pad??? Rewarding them for their blood sacrifices consisting of their children!? Please this is a taste of things to come, This disengagement is wrong on every level period!! I shudder to think of the coming ramifications……

  • Understand this simple fact:

    There’s not got to be ‘disengagement’.

    The plan is evil and insane. The government is wall-to-wall corruption. And am yisrael is slowly waking up from the leftist media attempt to control our minds. Sure, there seems to be no shortage of right-wing extremeists for the media and mobius and tm to use against the entire settler movement, but am yisrael is strong and doesn’t buy the brainwashing when push comes to shove.

  • Yesterday Mobius tells me to fuck off, and today Josh aligns me with Mobius.

    Has there ever been a more aptly chosen moniker?

    With gratitude,
    The Middle

  • And this article contained suprising information how? If you weren’t expecting something along this line from the beginning of the talk of disengagement, you weren’t paying attention for the last 10 years.

  • Everyone has their moments, I agree.

    The only reason I’m still wasting time on Jewlicious/School is that besides the days when male posters are having their period, you occasionally actually feel some real Jewish soul.

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