Where is Michael?

We’re total retards. Everyone is dancing and stuff, the mega event is winding down and we’re blogging. Such geeks we are! OK, so we had some technical difficulties – we got mentioned in Gawker and all the traffic took us down. Bastards. Anyhow we’re back and if you want to see what you missed, visit our trip blog here at MyIsraelTrip.com. That’s for like, parents and stuff so it’ll lack that Jewlicious edge you all love sooo much. You can see a rebroadcast of the mega event at http://www.birthrightisrael.com but Sharon was a no show, but check it out anyway if you have the hots for MK Lior Livnat.

Michel Steinhardt (pictured above on the Jumbotron) was here and we slipped him a note that read “Yo pimp daddy, when are you visiting us?” We left him our number so we’ll see if he’s coming. Someone who IS definitely coming is Charles “Chucky” Bronfman, one of the leading philanthropists behind birthright israel. This is extra cool for me because he is a Montrealer and the family has owned like, everything – The Expos, The Canadians, Seagrams etc. There is hardly a Jew in the world who hasn’t been touched by their generosity. Yes, I’ll try to behave …

Aren\'t they sweet?

Tomorrow we’re heading to the South and we will end up sleeping at a Bedouin camp… hopefully they’ll have electricity … Anyways, I’ll put up some pics as well as some of the missing posts. So so much to say, so little time!

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