Shabbat shalom, folks.

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  • Gut Shabbos! Gut Yontuf! Holy friends, where ever you are. We miss you! Light, Joy, and Peace for your Shabbos.

  • Cholent. definitely cholent. Did I mention my mom’s Iraqi and my dad’s Ukranian so we get Tibit, Hamin, harira, cholent, shakshuka, and gefilte fish every Saturday? It’s like the jewish lottery.

  • Don’t forget about ‘Areese’ which is Yemenite cholent.

    Follow up question: Salty or sweet?

  • In my part of the world, it’s known as ‘Adaffina’.
    Well, in the Andalucian-Morocco-affiliated section of the globe.
    Fast well.

  • What about Morroccan “Shchina” (Which is basically Hamin only a little different.

    Salty and BURNT! Yeah baby!

  • How about some recipes for the Iraqi, Yemenite, Morrocan dishes? Thanks! I’ve never tried these but if they include Rosewater, I don’t like my food to taste like my perfume.

  • I like stealing the Sephardic parts, such as adding the eggs to become browned overnight. I prefer whatever is more health oriented. On the Ashkenazi, you have the pearl barley, not much else.

  • We mix the Cholent/Hamin/Dafina cultures too; we use both regular and sweet potatoes and a tomato-based broth with garlic/ginger/curry-spices, and sometimes coconut milk. We used to make it with beef, but PETA “ruined” that for us, so until we can get some of the other meat brands like Wise Organic kosher beef locally we make turkey meatballs. Rice wrapped in cheese-cloth and cooked in the pot retains some form without completely turning into glop. I love adding eggs too, but getting the hot eggs peeled to eat is really hard!

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