Hi there, and welcome to the almost-live live-blog of rebroadcast of Israel National Radio’s Jewlicious interview…

[Hee hee…they just played the McShwarma commercial. OK, now it’s starting for realz, yo…]

“Here’s David, he’s on birthright now…” [OMG, they think CK’s a kid on the trip…]

We learn that “David” is “actually from Montreal,” and snarked that he went from “the Big Apple to the Big Felafel.”

What is Jewlicious? ask the inquisitive radio show hosts. Here’s the rundown of the answer, paraphrased but rendered in quotes to convey a certain authenticity:

“We’re a blog at Jewlicious dot com, we’re heavily trafficked. We’re run by five different people. Hey, we’ve got an online community, why don’t we get a trip and israelexperts saw fit to cooperate with us. We’ve got this totally wacky organization. We’re a little irreverent.”

The radio show hosts want to know where Jewlicious falls politically and religiously…CK answers that Laya’s Orthodox, and that he’s Sephardic (shocker) but the same. “Not everyone who blogs for us is that way, but we’re all very positive about jewish values and Israel.”

Who’s on the bus, Gus?: “American young people from all over Kentucky to Appalachia. Usual suspects from NY, New Orleans, etc.”

[Now it’s time to talk to one of the birthrighted…bring on the Kosher Eucharist!]

Michael from Tulane in N’Awlins spouts his Zionist rhetoric (good job, Jewlicious!)…”So far I love it here. It’s
Jewishness is not ostentatious, but permeates everything that you see. Really like the demeanor of the people I’ve met. Laid back and cool but very devoted to their country and people and intenseeal, and they’re really interested in helping an American Jew who’s never been here. It feels kind of natural here. I feel it’s a country that tries to cater to Jews. After the initial shock wears off, I feel at home. I’m staying the entire summer…I’d been thinking about moving here after college, so I’m staying to see what it’s like, and so far I’ve been impressed.”

When asked about his fellow busfolks, Michael reported that “some of them are very Zionist,” citing as example Amy (hi Amy! Welcome to Jewlicious!) who’s considering aliyah. “But most are secular American Jews from the east coast,” Michael reported.

But isn’t one of the points of the trip to meet young Jews and not marry out? one of the DJs asks? Then the other one interrupts and asks Michael what he thinks it means to be a Jew: “to be connected to the history and traditions and customs of our people and make every effort to keep our land,” saith the Eucharist.

Back to “David” for a closing soundbite, wherein the DJs report that they’re visiting Jewlicious homepage and deem it “a little bit of a racy site ,” to which “David” responds, “but we have an ‘I love Hashem’ t-shirt.” Then the DJs agree, Jewlicious is definitely young and hip.

“David” plugs the good people at Israelexperts, concluding the interview.

Undoubtedly, more pics and stories to come from the Jewlicious tour bus…

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