Despite the sadness of losing some content, I want to point out that we all still have much more to say…


In the meantime, wishing everybody a shabbat shalom, and an especially lovely one for our friends in Israel.

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  • I’m wondering if the exposure in Israel got you so noticed. BTW, how come they didn’t back up more frequently. Looks like you lost about 2-3 days. I guess they don’t have mirror sites.
    Oh well, sometimes you have to lose a little to win alot.
    Keep yer chin up! Dont’ get drunk!

  • What TM said. And CK indicated that he might be able to reconstruct the lost content. So let’s give him a chance to work his internet mojo after Shabbat…

  • Esther, how can you “reconstruct” pure genius? I weep for our lost discussions. 😉

  • who did this to you? who are the sniveling sonuvabitch bastards? NOBODY messes wit jewlicious like dat! you hear me talkin’? NOBODY!!!
    you guys just let me know, i got a bike chain out back…

  • p.s. wasn’t there s’posed to be a feature in this newfangled “jewlicious 2.0” where we could edit our comments?
    i wanted to change “sonuvabitch” to “sumbitch”… more befitting of my humble trailer-park origins…
    anxiously awaiting version 2.05!

  • My precious children! It’s not your fault. Jsirpicco KNEW that there would be this risk…that his words would BE TOO HOLY FOR THE WORLD…and so the Creator has seen fit to remove them…yes, to remove them from the world…for a time, my precious children…just for a short while. When you are READY again, my words will appear. Be strong and of good faith. Either that or Shtreimel is just plained pissed off!

  • I must admit, beloved Jewlicious ladies and gents, when I saw the note that Jewlicious was down because of attacks, I felt a strong urge to watch CNN and see what was up. I was relieved when the note was changed to hackers, though then echoed everyone “who did it; where can I find them and beat them up for daring to invade the sacred Jewlicious space?” Thank you for keeping us updated and good luck on all computer crap.

  • Ziva, I thought the same thing about attacks. I went straight to CNN and 1010 WINS radio, and then emailed the Muffti. I felt so…helpless…

    But thankfully, we’re back. And TM, our words may have vanished into the ether, but our riotous spirit of disagreement is eternal.

  • no, but seriously… who did this to y’all? is jewlicious *really* such a target for hackers? call me naive, but it seems strange to me that someone would dislike this site enough to actually spend the time and energy necessary to hack it.