Chamud!It’s both a good day and a bad day for little Yigal Amir, currently serving a life sentence in a maximum security pen for a minor disturbance of the peace conviction, something about an illegal weapon or making noise or assassinating the prime minister of Israel. Some time ago, as faithful Jewlicious readers will recall, Yigal got married by proxy to the amusingly named Larissa Trimbobler, who stated recently about their epic courtship, “We spoke for hours on the phone until we fell in love and could not live without each other.”

Fortunately for our lovebirds, as of today the Israeli Rabbinate has officially recognized their wedding, despite it being conducted by a messenger with Amir’s father doing the fancy stuff under the chupah in his stead (let’s hope that he wasn’t called upon to stand in for further duties post-chupah, if you know what I mean).

Officials of the Israeli Prison Authority, who have been for the last several months steadfastly cockblocking the randy groom by limiting his visits with the blushing bride and refusing to give them unmonitored alone time, are not amused.

They had hoped that the marriage would reinforce their fight against the Israel Prisons Authority, which has rejected the pair’s request to spend time alone behind prison walls.

However, the Authority has ruled that Amir does not have the right to spend time alone with his wife, since “he still holds a murderous and dangerous ideology.”

Apparently Amir has shown no regret for his murder, and prison officials are worried his bad attitude and itchy trigger finger are genetic, and that the last thing Israel needs what with disengagement is a little Yigal Amir running around under the auspices of a woman whose last name is Trimbobler. And, to be fair, is a woman unhinged enough to fall in love with and marry someone who gunned down an innocent man the kind you would want raising a kid? Probably not.

For Yigal’s part, he launched into a hunger strike upon learning of the Authority’s continued refusal of his oh-so-deserved nookie. He’s now on his 13th day. Said Larissa:

“This abuse must stop. Public pressure is now growing, and I have a received a supportive letter signed by 180 respectable figures who want to defend my rights. It began in the Russian sector, and has spread all over the country. We are talking about life or death. Yigal is going all the way here. The level of public pressure shows that people understand that we cannot continue to be abused like this.”

And all over the country, Israelis shed a tear for poor Larissa and her lack of conjugal rights with her cuddly hubby.

I call for Jewlicious readers to support Yigal’s hunger strike. Let’s see if, with our encouragement, we can get him to starve himself for, oh, the next three or four months. We only have the greater good of the Jewish people in mind.

Yigal and Larissa: going all the way to go all the way!

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  • I just want to point out the peculiar continued infatuation some people have with Yigal Amir.

    I suppose it’s a modern day secular mitzvah to add Yigal Amir the saying ‘yemach shmo’ (may his name be erased). Now we all know, that to say ‘yemach shmo’ you are actually perpetuating this person’s memory, so this fetish with the unfolding days of the life of Yigal Amir is quite sick and disturbing in itself, no matter what part he has in the whole affair.

  • He is a murderer.

    regarding this issue, though, Israeli law allows private visits for married prisoners and in law there are no exceptions. The prison authority is making it up as they go along. Many are troubled by this interference

  • Sara, it needs to be checked if this law is for the ones on life imprisonment. I understand that the Israeli jail system attempts to give motivation to the prisoners, like weekends occasionally out for good behavior. When someone is in for life and I believe this dope is in solitary there is no motivation for him cause he is never getting out, barring a supernatural act.

  • Indeed that is how Israel works- they emotionally make it up as they go.

  • Michael, I think you’re a little crazy. But in a w(h)acky and funny way I totally appreciate.

  • Wow, love that rabbinate!

    Sarah, he is an exceptional prisoner and deserves exceptional treatment. I think they should allow conjugal visits, but only after injecting him with that chemical which prevents erections and shuts down the libido.

  • Michael–you continue to come up with, um, news that I just couldn’t get anywhere else.

    Bloody good show.

    Oh yeah, about all I can say for Yigal is (Johnny Guitar Watson voice): “Po’ baby.”

  • Actually Josh, chemical castration is something that sexual offenders sometimes enjoy in North America. You should really stop calling everybody a Nazi…you’re diminishing from the meaning of what it takes to exterminate millions of people because of their faith or handicaps.

  • Hmmmm…back to the original post. I’m all for supporting this guy’s attempt to kill himself through starvation and saving the nation some money at the same time (prison is expensive; so is food).

  • … meanwhile Arab terrorists who killed many more Jews than Yigal Amir are allowed to, uh, frolic and spawn at the Israeli taxpayer’s expense.

  • You know, actually, it’s a good point Ben-David makes.

    I propose a sweeping “no sex for murderers” law. Let’s be consistent. No babies for Yigal, no babies for Hamas.

  • But on a more technical point… if Amir was allowed to get married in the first place don’t all married couples have the right to uh, consumnate the marriage? Even if one of them clearly has bad taste in men and the other is a murderer/traitor/terrorist (take your pick) …

    Not that I mind him going on a hunger strike … not like he’ll be able to have sex after starving himself for a month anyways.

  • I suppose that depends on whether you think the rights of married couples transcend the right of societies to limit the rights of dangerous criminals who shoot prime ministers.

    The Israel Prison Authority clearly thinks not. Yigal and Trimbobblehead clearly think yes.

  • good friend Sarah was married to Ami Popper and there are little Ami Poppers running around. He even gets out for good behavior.

    This prison problem with Yigal has nothing to do with killing Rabin, it has to do with the fact that he’s religous. If he were to take his Kippah off tomorow and support the withdrawal from Gaza, he’d be allowed to do whatever he wanted.

    BTW a good friend of mine who was in class with Avishai Raviv and friends with Amir and had information about the assassination was “murdered” by the GSS.

  • I think it’s pretty cute that those two are in love. If he won’t be his love will be forbidden sexual expression, he might as well be hanged. What is life without love?

  • Haha… You said cockblocker!! But seriously, “we can get him to starve himself for, oh, the next three or four months” is just not possible. As the world learned from the IRA hunger strikers, 40 days is just about the max that anyone can starve themselves before actually dropping dead.

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