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  • Shavuah tov,
    What happened to neocounter? I was getting a kick seeing visitors from Qatar and the UAE.

  • Shavoua tov lekoulam!
    I had the strangest shabbat ever… I had this big drinking-alcohol-to-celebrate-the-end-of-project friday afternoon and got drunk, woke up at noon in my bed not remembering anything and spent my day doing nothing cuz I couldn’t go to beth akneseth as I was still drunk… So the question is: if I cannot pray kiddush can I eat?

  • Hey, how come there are no visitors from PA on the neocounter, huh??
    shavua tov

  • There are 13 visitors from the Palestinian Territories… enjoy because I am going to remove neocounter soon. Its a pain in the ass and gives bad stats.

  • So what I’m hearing is that CK is pro-disengagement from neocounter. I wonder what color that is?

    Shavua tov, everyone…

  • ok ck, I missed that. you are right. And yes I am enojoying every moment on Your website, thanks!

  • Hey, how do you manage to remove free neocounter/ I can’t get rid of it:(