… is convinced her shaved head makes her look like a terrorist

at Live8

The New York Post recently reported :

The pint-sized actress, who lopped off her locks for the upcoming “V for Vendetta,” suspects her chrome dome was the reason police pulled her over by the Midtown Tunnel the other day. “I’ve never had that happen to me before,” she tells Newsweek. “It’s supposedly random . . . My registration was expired because I had been out of town, and it was my first day back. I’d been in Israel and Berlin for the shooting. They wouldn’t let me go in. But he said to take the bridge instead. And I didn’t understand that logic. If you’re a suspect, don’t take the tunnel, take the bridge?”

The photo on the right is from Live8 where Natalie was one of the presenters. You can set your TIVO to MTV this Saturday when they rebroadcast the entire Live8 shows. Why is MTV doing this? Because their original coverage was so crappy and so full of VJ chatter and they got so much flack for it, that they decided to just do it over. You’ll probably get to see Natalie again too I suppose.

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