Dark stains spread across the festive green trousers of hundreds of brave Palestinian martyrs teenage boys with big mouths and small…Kalashnikovs…as an annoyed Israel began to rain death from above in Gaza. Capping off a great few days for Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups, which started with that little, uh, munitional mishap, Israel arrested 260 Palestinians in the West Bank with ties to terrorist groups and killed four Gazan terrorists, including Islamic Jihad bigwigs Mohammed Baroon and Mohammed Sheikh Khalil, who shot Tali Hatuel and her four children on the Kissufim road.

So the brave martyrs have thrown in the kaffiyeh.

The militant group Hamas announced Sunday it will stop attacks against Israelis from Gaza, after three days of violence that threatened fragile efforts toward peace between Israel and Palestinians.

“We are calling our militant group to stop their activities against the Israeli occupation outside Gaza strip,” Hamas’ leader in Gaza, Mahmoud al-Zahar, said at a news conference.

The decision followed pressure from Israel and from within the Palestinian Authority, and amid Israeli missile strikes and the arrests of more than 200 alleged Palestinian militants.

Al-Zahar cited an “internal Palestinian agreement” in calling for an end to “all the militant nature” of the celebration to Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza.

Of course, we’ve all heard this before. The Palestinian terror groups are the grown-up, scary version of the kid on the playground who would always call out “TIME OUT!” when he was about to be tagged. So we’ll have a brief period of calm, during which the boys in Hamas will have their mommies wash their stained trousers (after all, to a fundamentalist Islamic movement, what else are women good for?) and peel all the price stickers off their new Egyptian guns. And then one of their field commanders will trip on the curb, announce that it was an unforgiveable act of Zionist aggression, and launch a few volleys of Qassams at Sderot.

Ahhh, the more things change…

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  • I don’t need your compliments, you chickpea Spinoza. Admitting your heresy is the first step to healing. 😀

  • It’s lame, Israel will let them continue their activities. There is not a thing to gloat about here. It is letting them weasel their way out of the beating that they never got, that they deserve. The arabs won again.

  • it is lame,but this admission of weakness is rather uncharacteristic of the group which is expert in trash talk.

  • posturing. it happens all the time. They deke the Israelis into feeling good about themselves, then they strike.
    Hamas is like a little gang of hooligans that acts tough but keeps away from the popo.
    You cannot play their game, you must play your game.
    Israel is still playing their game. Will they ever learn is the question.

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