Stranded Couple

I’ve just received this email:

This message is being sent on behalf of Tammy and Candice S.:
>>> Please help….our parents are trapped in New Orleans.
>>> Marilyn Rosen and Fred Shuster (our parents) are
>>> canadian citizens and are located outside the River
>>> Walk Mall (close to the convention centre). They are
>>> with 40 other stranded people (British, Australians
>>> and Canadians). Please see pictures attached [edit: there were no pics attached]. PLEASE
>>> Contact us (their three daughters)
(edit by TM: I have their number if anybody can help – please comment here and leave me an email where I can contact you)

>>>We are pleading with you to help us.

EDIT: Here’s a National Post story about them.

Stranded Couple 2

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  • Hi, I’m in the US and would love to help in any way I can…what can I do? Email me.

  • Hi. I am from South Carolina but my wife is from New Orleans. All of her family got out, except her elderly father. There is a group called ” zaka ” which are going to New Orleans today to rescue jews. If you still need assistance, please let me know and I can give you their cell phone number. Thanks