You may recall if you’re ever flipped through the archives of vintage Jewlicious that we’ve talked about a man named Moussa Arafat before. Moussa, alternately identified as Yassir Arafat’s cousin and nephew (I bet familial relationships would be easier to sort out if cousin-marrying wasn’t common practice in the Arab world), gained notoriety for being one of the most breathtakingly corrupt officials in a government not noted for fiscal responsibility – in fact, a government whose general financial policy was not “we’ll get taxpayer money and redistribute it as needed” so much as “I can’t believe the UN keeps pouring all this money into our Swiss bank accounts.”

Anyway, last July Yassir appointed cuz/nephew Moussa as commander of Palestinian security forces, then rescinded the appointment following the ensuing storm of controversy, and by controversy I mean heavy gunfire. The commander of the Palestinian Navy (they have a Navy?) went on record calling Moussa a “low dwarf,” which I imagine was a lot more stinging in Arabic. Moussa was appointed Gaza security chief as a consolation prize, but was recently fired by Abbas.

Oh yeah, and he got shot and killed today when his house was stormed by a huge mob of unknown assailants bearing RPGs who may or may not have also kidnapped his son. So whodunit? And why? Hamas? Rival members of Fatah? Islamic Jihad? Was it payback for his corruption? A tactic at destabilizing the PA in Gaza? Or did Moussa just annoy the neighbors by playing Umm Kulthum way too loud?

Well, nobody knows right now. Apparently huge mobs of masked, heavy weapon-bearing men are so common in Gaza that nobody even notices. And pictures are not allowed.

An Associated Press Television News cameraman saw Moussa Arafat’s body being taken from the house to Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, but angry bodyguards prevented him from taking pictures.

To which our departed friend the Low Dwarf would probably say: “Good job on keeping the photographers away, boys. Next time, maybe you should try that on the masked gunmen.”

We’ll miss you, Moussa. I’m sure that mean navy commander didn’t mean it anyway.

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  • Just as an aside, pictures are often not allowed. The PA and other groups essentially set up a system requiring that photographers and reporters only cover stories so that, uh, negative information is prevented from getting out. If the reporters don’t comply, they may be harmed or threatened (lynching of Israeli reservists story), but more typically their news agency is informed that it might be prevented access in the future.

    I can’t help it, every time I see Moussa’s name, I think of a delicate chocolate ganache. Then I see his picture and am jarred violently back to reality.

  • Seems like they’ve got the PR thing down to a T. Although the “let’s pull in the same direction” thing could do with some work. But i suppose they’ll had to decide on a coherent strategy first. In which case I can safely forecast a “more of the same” outlook.

  • The Popular Resistance Committees is the group taking responsibility for this. One of the members who was identified in the article I read said they were just carring out ‘Allah’s Law’ (Article actually said G-D’s). It is well know that Allah is a task master of some repute, but this is a little extreme isn’t it, I mean shouldn’t they want him in jail or something like that.

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  • When I heard about this this morning,
    I remember not caring about it at all.

    Maybe we use to think that the Arabs were public enemy number 1, but now we know that we can’t blame them for too many things, really.
    Anyone remember why we are retreating from land and giving it up to terrorists.

  • Heh. My first thought was, well, if you lay down with dogs, don’t be surprised to get bit by fleas.

    Angry fleas with machine guns.

  • This is a really positive development. All signs are pointing towards a Paleostinian civil war, or, if not a full-blown war, a serious settling of scores and general house cleaning. I expect this to continue briskly until the PA either folds like a cheap tent or actually decides to start fighting back. If that happens, we should expect to see this kind of thing played out to the tune of at least hundreds, or, it is to be hoped, thousands of dead terrorists.

    Then, when the dust settles and the faction left standing (Hamas, I am sure) is still weak, Israel can finish them off.

    Sounds like a plan to me.