So Alan Greenspan is leaving the Fed after many years of service. Bush’s nominee to replace Greenspan as the outgoing Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board is Ben S. Bernanke. The S. stands for Shalom. My meager Googling skills did not turn up any information relating to Mr. Bernanke’s religion, but I figure with a middle name like Shalom, he’s either Jewlicious or gets an honorary Jewlicious title.

Ben Shalom Bernanke, the son of a pharmacist in Dillon, S.C., displayed his significant intellectual capacity early in life. He won the state spelling bee in the sixth grade, taught himself calculus in high school, and earned the highest college admission test scores in South Carolina in the year that he applied to college.

He also graduated summa cum laude from Harvard University in 1975 and earned his Ph.D. from M.I.T.

You can read more about the appointment and its apparently positive reception in the marketplace at the NY Times. He is a former Princeton professor and Fed Board member.

Mr. Bernanke responded to those concerns in a speech in October 2003, when he said any inflation target be considered a long-term goal and that the Fed would not set a “fixed time frame for reaching it.” He also acknowledged the political concerns an official inflation target would raise and said they could be allayed with deftly worded provisions that preserved the Fed’s flexibility.

“We would have the explicit proviso that important short-run economic and financial goals will not be sacrificed in order to reach the long-term inflation objective more quickly,” he said in that speech at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. “Although it would be important to vet these ideas thoroughly with the relevant Congressional committees before proceeding, I am hopeful that a change of the type I am proposing would be acceptable to Congress as being within the spirit of existing legislation.”

His remarks were delivered at a time when the Fed and economists were increasingly concerned about the prospects of deflation, a rare falling of prices. Mr. Bernanke’s early academic work focused on the causes of the Great Depression, one of the starkest examples of deflation in economic history.

I also wouldn’t be too surprised if the white supremacist twin girls (Prussian Blue) will shortly add a song about Jewish bankers to their repertoire.

Hitler Twins

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  • While the crackers are sitting around their trailers in the undershirts talking about guns and cursing the “mud people”, the Jews are once again in total control of America’s money.

    I mean, really. There is not a single shaygets in the US who could take Greenspan’s place?

  • Sure there are, Ephraim. This guy was a finalist along with another dude called Feldstein. Why use such harsh language? Instead of crackers and shaygetzes, how about, uh, “non-Jews?”

  • Joke, Middle, joke!


    I mean, I can just see everyone, including some Jews, just smiling and nodding: “See? They/we do control the money!”

    First the Nobel in economics (I know Johnny Aumann, BTW: he belongs to our shul when he’s in the US) and now this.

    I mean, you just gotta wonder sometimes.

    And I’m a Jew.

  • So, write.

    But seriously: you don’t think that, in the back of their minds, people are wondering “Hmmmm…I wonder why the highly qualified WASP wasn’t chosen and they went with the Yid instead.”

    Pinter, Schminter. Let him get a Nobel in Literature. Meanwhile, the Jews get all of the important Nobels.

    But Pinter is a Jew too, isn’t he? Or so I have heard.

  • People assume Bush went with a Jewish economist primarily because he’s been on his White House staff and has a direct link to him. As we now know unequivocally, it helps to know Bush personally if you want to receive a high ranking position in a government body.

    Pinter is Jewish but seems to have abandoned interest in the faith. He’s also been critical of Israel, some would say harshly. I thought a post contrasting him to Aumann who made Aliyah and has lived in Israel for decades as an observant Jew would be interesting. Alas, I can’t find the time.

  • I think it’s clear to see that the real conspiracy is not amongst Jews but amongst bald men….look at Greenspan and Bernie standing there, flaunting their bulbous, fleshy pates side-by-side like reverse peacocks…..looks like I’ll have to have my hair plugs lazered off if i want to fulfill my dream of secretly controlling the government from behind a big pile of dubloons…

    The guys with hair are probably too busy getting laid to study economics- that would be just like those bastards.

  • Those white supremacist twin bitches are sure are evil….”I mean just look at them” looks like Hitler is a child molester….I feel sorry for those non-nazis falling for them, i mean hollering at them…Also if someone took Greenspan place, sure that person will say longer than Greenspan…Its clear money will land on there hands, who would leave that place? Try Usama in that place, usama would level down later candidate…And later admits he had affair with sharon…

    No offense people , take it as humor…

  • I for one, to be in the Jewish spirit of things, remain offended, even if I didn’t understand a word that boy said.

    Frum-Unda, (like Under?), tell me: so choosing sex over economics makes one a bastard? Just seeking some clarification. Or is it the whole having real hair thing?

    Word to yer mothers.

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  • God, I love that. When can I have the power? I’m ready for the responsibility. There’s a Spider-Man lesson in there somewhere, I’m pretty sure, yep, it’s there, keep looking. Goodnight.

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  • Ephraim: How’s the Palo Alto Orthodox Minyan nowadays?

    My co-blogger (and co-religionist) at is an observant Jew and aPhD student in Economics, and has met with Aumann before at a ‘Game Theory’ / economics conference.

    Aumann has my vote. He used Game Theory to explain a previously intractable (no pun intended) problem from the Talmud. Always nice to have a bit of Talmud mathematically-verified. 😉

    Sorry about the multiple posts, Encino Yeled…

  • whoa, whoa, WHOA….let’s all just take it down a notch and cool out a little bit…things are getting crazy up in here.

    Encino, man, you’re entirely correct: my comments were out-of-line and totally uncalled-for. I apologize to any men with full, rich heads of hair whom I may have offended. I don’t know what I was thinking….I had been drinking a lot of Orange Ginger Mint tea before I wrote that…it was a foolish thing to say. Casual sex is of course just as worthy a pursuit as economics and being Chairman of the Federal Reserve, and I say that without any trace of sarcasm or bizarre dadaist “humor”….please accept my humblest apologies.

    Oh and as for my name….you’ve never had Frumunda Cheese….?!

  • I’m a spicy Monterey jack kind of guy.

    No apologies necessary love.

    “Casual sex is of course just as worthy a pursuit as economics and being Chairman of the Federal Reserve”—Yeah it is! And definitely more fun!

  • Casual sex more fun than economics? I dunno ’bout that, dude….look at that playful glimmer in Greenspan’s eyes up there behind the podium…something tells me that listening to his replacement elucidate his plans for future fiscal policy is giving Big Al a semi that would make Bob Dole GREEN with envy *rimshot*

  • As my Grandma Chutzpah would say,”A man is sexiest when he’s counting his money” so yeah, the baldies are HOT!

  • Yes with Wolfewitz as head of World Bank and Wolfesohn as past President now the Mideast Peace negotiator(aka official traitor)….I wouldn’t mind a guy name Williams as Fed Chairman.

  • heheheh..Taltman, Muffti’s pics are doctored everywhere. Though he is a handsome man.

  • TM-
    Just a bunch of White Pride, Prussian Blue bullshit. Sickening…but tame compared to the link someone posted on Jewlicious to the American Nazi Party’s website after that riot….that was too much.

  • Taltman:

    The PAOM is doing fine, reconstituted as Emek Beracha with our own building, rabbi, and a kick-ass kollel called the Jewish Study Network (JSN) which has brought learining to a whole new level here. Johnny hasn’t been back in a while, though.

    Johnny gave a lecture out here on that particular problem a few years ago and has published a paper on it.

  • Well Jim, I think that only comes into play when a nominee’s personal religious beliefs may impact on the decisions he or she might make in a way that might be controversial. For instaance, one’s opinion on Roe vs. Wade may be irrelevant to one’s work at the Federal Reserve, however it could have a tremendous societal impact if we were talking about a Supreme Court nominee. It has nothing to do with Christianity per se and everything to do with potential impact.

  • Am saddened and shocked to see that the only stock he owns is the parent company of Phillip Morris. Obviously his concerns do not include selling cigarettes to children in third world countries, not to mention the damage to Americans through the years. Blood money of the worst sort, and a clear lack of ethics. Shame, you can have him!

  • Congratulations to Dr. Ben Shalom Bernanke. A positively brilliant economist. Discussing his religious background is purely anti-semetic and nobody’s business. If you want to judge the man, please leave religion out of the discussion. Dr. Bernanke will be Fed Chairman until 2020. This is probably the second most powerful position on the planet. Give him your support, not your anti-semitic sarcasm.

  • Riko, it is clear from your perspicacious comment that you have read – nay, devoured – our site and have digested its contents with the brilliance of, dare I say it, a world class economist.

  • By the way, I just checked and on Google we’re the 4th link on page 1 for search term “Ben Shalom Bernanke,” but only appear on page 14 for Ben S. Bernanke. We suck.

  • I will not be surprised if it will accrue that some of the half of this trillion money was sent to Holy Land, although Usa might be his home but really israel is his mother land.
    As history shows antisemitism came from nations where jews did not showed much interest about countries of their residence.

  • Ben SHALOM Bernanke is a sick, greety kike! I’m sick of Jews like this collapsing currencies and aiming for a New World Order. God is NOT on your side! YOU AREN’T HIS ‘CHOSEN’ ONES!!! YOU ARE SATAN’S CHOSEN!!! BURN IN HELL YOU COMMUNIST FAGGOT SHYLOCKS! Free Palestine from Jew oppression. SMASH Marxists and send them to hell where they ultimately belong. Good will overcome your 5,000 year reign of pure EVIL! Jesus will come back and slaughter you sick atheist fucks before you bring us back into the dark ages! Sleep tight Jews… Your time is running out and people are waking up FAST to your phony LIES! FIGHT ZIONISM TO THE DEATH! Better dead than red you sorry yiddish kikes. BURN IN HELL!

  • I have taken one of the cruises from Charleston, and plan on taking more. Having the ships leave from this area makes it very convenient for those of us who live here. I,for one, am glad that the decision was made to bring the cruise ships in.

  • I’m in Jackson, MS for a couple of weeks.I had to go to Wal-mart Monday when it snowed here a little bit. Surprisingly (or not), the emptiest shelf (coming in after milk and bread) was….Yep. Soda. One lone cherry coke 2 liter braves the fight.

  • Fern and Family,We all want to let you know how much we will miss Don. You two always put a smile on our face when you came on. He will be so missed by all of us. Our condolences to all of you, and if you need anything, please let us know.Carol, Jody and Staff

  • Beautiful.Alternatively, the reason against gazing at a rainbow is unrelated to the notion of watching other peopleÅ› being accused or punished. Ramban suggests, based on the haftara we just read, on Shavuot, that the beauty of the luminous rainbow evokes the revelation of the Chariot in Ye´hezqel´s prophecy, and that is why we should not gaze at it, because, as a symbol of Divine Revelation, it ought to remain an exalted, respected symbol.

  • Jarek: Thanks for the kind words. Of course, if you’re a foreigner, it’s always possible to ‘accidentally’ get the kissing location wrong… although it would be a bit obvious if you went for the wrong kind of cheek.