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  • There’s something on top of the cross that makes it look a little different than most. Anyway, here’s a quote from Natalie on religion:

    “I’m very secular. I consider myself Jewish and go to temple on the High Holy Days and I’ve studied bible and I’m fluent in Hebrew, but the religion is not a big influence on me. I’m much more influenced by being Israeli than Jewish, and I’d consider myself an Israeli-American rather than a Jewish- American.”

  • TM: One NEVER resizes an image by merely changing the height and width attributes! Use that resize thing I showed you. Your method uses a file size that is larger than neccessary, slowing up the speed at which the page loads, for no good reason.

    Oh and I zoomed in to that thing on her neck. I don’t know what it is but I am confident its not a cross.

  • Chick’s got issues! Cain’t you tell?
    It’s like: Well- I- used- to- be- heavy- and- now- I’m- not, and I don’t read too much, cuz all those long words make me tired and I do stuff in bed but not so well, cuz I just don’t care enough to really have an orgazm, let alone care if YOU are happy, and the last 7, I mean 17 boyfriends I had like, after a while, they just didn’t do anything for me? And so, now I’m like into finding something meaningful, but he’s gotta be hot….and I don’t know if I like smart guys, cuz they talk fast and then I dont’ really get their jokes…

    And then I heard that it’s best to be tragically hip all the time and so I’m concentrating on figuring out Why oh Why I just can’t seem to be happy or pleased by anyone, and my friends? We go out and drink but all the guys everywhere kind of bore me, except for Israeli soldiers, I mean, Israeli tax paying hi-techies who skip out on the army, and I think this Iraq thing? Like, who cares already? Can’t they just you know, stop over there?

    Anyway, I’m late for an ice-blended and my pilates class. See ya. No, I dont’ give out my number to strangers…

  • jsirpico! you are back!!!? the web-life was so empty without your in-depth women’s psyche’s analysis. Dont let them cool you off! ever! 😛

  • Actually, Jsirp’s still dead. Really.
    Just – Hashem allows him to reappear when needed to perfect the world!

  • I just saw “Garden State” on DVD last week. Whatever y’all say about her, she’s an excellent actress. I was reminded of her role in a 1996 movie entitled “Beautiful Girls” where she basically steals the movie out from under the legs of Uma Thurman and bewitches Tim Hutton and Matt Dillon. I’m gonna go rent “Closer” soon to compare.

    So say all of those nasty things, but the girl’s got chops. And I think that makes her jewlicious.

  • I still think y’all need to rent The Professional. She and Jean Reno are awesome in that movie and she was only like fourteen or something. I agree she’s a great actress, and she’s kind of cute and all, but I think our Nat-obsessed boys need to just calm down a bit. She’s not gonna go out with you, so let’s be realistic about it, okay? Jeez.

  • Her best role ever was in Beautiful Girls. She also rocked Garden State. And Nat (she allows me to call her that) and I dated back at Syosset High School.

  • Having heard her attempt to speak Hebrew on a couple of Israeli TV shows, I’d have to venture that her definition of “fluent” is rather, um, loose… 😉

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