Everybody knows the drill: Palestinian terrorists set up quick launch pads from which they shoot Qassem rockets toward Sderot, the nearest town to Gaza; Israeli forces retaliate by attacking Palestinian terrorists and doing overhead flights with sonic booms, sending in some artillery.

As I was sitting there tonight, reading a business magazine and sipping port, the ultimate solution came to me. Instead of wasting all of these resources on retaliation, why not change tactics? I recommend the following:

1. Evict Gaza settlers who could move out but prefer to remain in hotels. Send them on their way to live with Aunt Netta or someone else until their new homes are ready, or until they get off their complaining tucheses and find somewhere to live.

2. Temporarily move all Sderot residents to the vacated hotel room. Leave Sderot empty.

3. Move Yigal Amir into Sderot. Put some sort of electronic monitoring device on him. Leave unlimited food and drink. Invite his wife, Ms. Trimbobler to visit and stay with him.

4. Tell the Palestinians to bomb away.

5. If the inevitable takes too long, the Israelis could always ask the Americans to provide training and perhaps even sell more accurate rocket systems to the Palestinians.

Yes, yes, I know it’s a short term solution, but it’s the best I can do after the port.

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  • There’s no capital punishment in Israel except for Nazi war criminals. Yigal Amir is a slime ball, yes. But he’s no Eichmann. I am content with him being in Jail for the rest of his life.

  • I know this is supposed to be a joks, Middle, but people are geting killed. The answer to the Kassam attacks is to start seriously killing terrorists.

    This means no pussy sonic booms, no pussy artillery fire on evacuated launching sites, no pussy demolition of empty building, no pussy arrests of terrorist “suspects”.

    You don’t honestly think that israel doesn’t know where these guys have the HQs, do you?

    The next time Hamas has one of their rallies, bombs away. Let’s hope paradise has a sufficient supply of raisins.

  • Ephraim, Israel is attacking effectively. The number of Qassem attacks has dropped and the bad guys are on the run and getting picked off one by one. But the sonic booms are effective, as are the artillery barrages into empty areas. They’re effective because there’s a large population in Gaza that just wants to live its life and everybody knows the terrorists are causing the Israelis’ response. Hamas and the other groups need popular support, and we are already seeing that they are being far less aggressive than before.

  • TM seriosuly who would you ever think that anyone in Gaza is scared by pathetic artilery rounds into empty spaces? The reason there arent as many Kassams is because Hamas (the group with most of them) wants to appear like its maintaining a cease fire before the elections . I mean this is “harshest response ever to terror” that was promised after disengagement.Sharon’s words arent worth used toilet paper. Oh and by the way way her name is actually “TREMBOVLER. Its just English media transliterates it improperly. So its not as lame as you thought.

  • Israel is pathetic. They need to destroy these vermins when they gather as a group, 100,000 of them, vanish them, put them out of their misery to their fricken 100 arab smelly virgins girls ugly piss girls on their donkey heaven.

  • I love these ‘peace lovers’ infatuation with Amir, or maybe it’s a fetish. Whether ‘He’ did it or not, Rabin getting shot three times hurt the right wing more than the left wing. Small people only think in the short term, so they saw Netanyahu coming to power as the result of the assasination. But lo and behold, a mere ten years later, the right wing is virtually petrified and relegated to wimpy protests while Gaza and North Samaria are jew-free, and Netanyahu, Sharon, Olmert, and almost half the likud supported it too.

    Middle, you really have no idea what is happening on the ground in and around Gaza and you continue to project your western-world molded values onto the Arab people who live there.

    [the sonic booms are effective] because there’s a large population in Gaza that just wants to live its life and everybody knows the terrorists are causing the Israelis’ response.

    A) “live its life” with Israel.

    B) I’m the first in line to say that the sonic booms carried out by the proud pilots who participated in the expulsion, are terrorism. I’m surprised you support collective punishment.

    Wikipedia: “Terrorist attacks” are usually characterized as “indiscriminate,” “targeting of civilians,…”

    C) Ignore that the Arabs in Gaza, in the week between Israel retreating and the Egyptian army assuming control of the border, managed to transfer an estimated amount of ammunition, explosives, missiles and other weaponry over the border equal the amount of stuff they transfered in the past FIVE YEARS!

    D) over 1000 Jews dead, over 5000 wounded, many permanently, and you still live in la-la land.

  • Josh, with all due respect, you’re the one who kept telling me that the disengagement would not happen, blah, blah, blah. Go reread some of our old discussions and see who was right.

    They smuggled arms? Good. What are they going to do now exactly? Wait, I know! They’ll aim them at each other because Israel is not in there.

    I think you miss the point about Amir and what happened subsequently. He murdered Rabin, the strongest individual to represent Israel through the Oslo process. He successfully murdered Oslo. That’s why the murderer is grinning. He won. He beat us all with his stupid faith and murderous nature. The 1000 dead and 5000 wounded could have been avoided? Maybe Arafat could have manipulated the situation into this anyway, but I highly doubt it. In international propaganda alone, putting Netanyahu in office was priceless for the Palestinians.

    Amir deserves to rot away in solitary confinement for the rest of his life. You, and many of those who think like you, might want to evaluate carefully how you’ve arrived at the point where all these other Israelis who disagree with you are your enemies. Think about how IDF officers and their families are pushed away – like criminals, or the way Jews used to be by the local Arabs early last century – from the Kotel. Think about how the IDF that sends its soldiers to risk their lives to protect settlers, has become the target of some of these settlers to the point of violence not to mention the non-stop vilification. You’ve gone too far. Take a deep breath, try to remember the beauty of Israel and Zionism, and stop with the ugliness. Amir represents the worst part of Israel.

  • I still do not believe that our beloved Israel and zionism plainly kicked 9000 people out of their homes, destroyed their property, threw them to the wind, and turned the army into ‘the operational arm of the government’. Sure people in the territories know that their day might come, but you’d expect more from a 21st century democracy. The 1500 people of Yamit were given three years to prepare alternative employment and housing options. Three months after the expulsion, and the government is not showing any sign of compromising with or negotiating sincerly with the refugees.

    They’ll aim them at each other because Israel is not in there.

    Then whya have they still been launching missiles at Israel every other day?

    Amir didn’t murder Oslo, Oslo killed Oslo. A month before his death, Rabin was saying that there would be no Palestinian state. What did Amir do? Viliify the right into surrendering to the left and its policies.

    As for the army’s new found evil image? Wake up and smell the coffee, I know you’re far away but catch the paradigm shift as it happens. The army overstepped its jurisdiction. And while a special law was brought up to allow it’s participation in the disengagement, well, that is supposed to be over now. The army though, seems to feel it still has that mandate to destroy outposts and police the territories, and guess what? That’s illegal. So when your loving army comes and harasses you, how do expect to feel?

  • They were firing Qassems before and they will continue to fire them. And Israel will deter as it feels appropriate…and the world will not say a thing because this situation is very clear now. Also, soldiers and Israelis are not at risk in Gaza daily. All those arms, as I said, are meaningless unless their fighters get through the fence or into Israel through Sinai in large numbers. If they can smuggle them to the West Bank, that will be a different story, but it’s not as if they weren’t already bringing things in from the Jordanian side. Point being that it’s better for Israel to be out of there than in there.

    As for the time it took to remove the settlers from Gaza, there was plenty of time and notice. It’s not the fault of anybody but the settlers that many decided not to approach the government to arrange matters. The situation was far from perfect, but a good deal of the blame falls on recalcitrant settlers and their leadership. Oh, and people are bending over backwards for them, as we saw with Nitzanim. That they are ungrateful and choose “not to forget” is a shame but doesn’t reflect the care and concern the society showed.

    As for your final paragraph, it is precisely what I’m talking about. As far as I’m concerned, you are not a little wrong but entirely and completely wrong. Your attitude is simply terrible to see. The IDF acted and acts legally, under a mandate from the government to do what the democratically elected government wants them to do. They DO have a mandate to destroy outposts and to police the territories. Or did you think that you can use the IDF to protect settlements from attack, but not to police settler attacks on Palestinians or on soldiers? Where do you get that exactly? You think the IDF makes Israeli men spend weeks and months defending you and your family (I say this knowing you do miluim) at personal risk and then the same IDF has no right to govern how the settlers behave? The settlers are there because Israel agreed to protect and support them. In the same vein, the state can decide to withdraw that support. And if the state decides that it wants to eliminate those outposts or settlements, that is within its purview as well. The IDF is the arm that will enforce these decisions. Why? BECA– USE FOR SOME ODD REASON THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED BY THE VERY SETTLERS WHOM THEY PROTECT.

    I noticed you sidestepped the personal attacks at the Western Wall and on other senior IDF officers. Don’t sidestep this issue, Josh, because it reflects the depth of the rot in this newfound ideology you seem to support.

  • I hate this loose useage of the term “war crimes”. A war ‘crime’ cannot occur unless theres a war law. What laws do we have about war? Well, international law. When does international law apply? When two or more sovereign countries agree to be bound to some document.

    Even assuming that it does apply, the Palestinians are in breach of the Geneva Convention, since their military force lives amongst civilians, and they don’t wear clear insignia marking their soldiers as combatants and not as civilians.

    Sorry if that sounds harsh, but that’s how law works. It’s not a moral code.

  • I already called the sonic booms terrorism. I think that the IDF has been made into an incompetent army that was pushed out of Lebanon, Gaza, and who knows what’s next.

  • middle, come live here and serve in the army before telling me what its mandate is.

    The IDF is the people’s army to defend life in Israel, Jewish life, Arab/Palestinian, Thai, etc… The IDF had no legal mandate to surround Kfar Maimon and enforce a blockade. It has no legal mandate to set up checkpoints all over south-western Israel and deny the right to travel. (It’s sole mandate was the expulsion in the 20 odd settlements). The IDF has the mandate to defend Jews from Arabs and Arabs from Jews, but not to police the territories. The army cannot issue traffic tickets, the army can not show up and arrest youth for wandering around the hills. The police can arrest youth for entering area ‘b’ and ‘a’. But do not be mistaken. While the ‘Civil administration’ is the legal authority in Yesha and essentially a quasi sub-unit of the army, this does not mean that the army in general has full time ‘police’ authority. The civil administration can issue an order and the army will enforce it, but we also know that most of the time, no official order exists, hence the army is used illegaly for political reasons when it is necessary.

    I’m not sidestepping anything. The purpoted general in charge of army personnel decided to open his yap numerous times over the past few months and directly attack opponents of the disengagement. A) not his job as a soldier to be ‘political’, B) apparently, if you are going to let your personal opinion affect your public service, than you should be ready to have yourself judged rather than being able to disconnect from the position/job.

    Can you prove that the IDF is the ‘operational arm of the state’ or are you watching too many hollywood movies in which foreign troops are sent around the world to protect the interests of foreign nations?

    When Sharon decided to evacuate Gush Katif, a special ‘one-time’ law had to be tabled to allow soldiers to participate because (you haven’t been listening until now) it was not part of the IDF mandate. Post expulsion, it is not relevant anymore, thank god. The army is supposed to return defending life. A couple of dozen kids on an isolated hilltop living in tents does not endanger lives.