Beloved leader currently in Hadassah Ein Kerem.

Ariel Sharon was rushed earlier tonight from his office to Hadassah Hospital in Ein Kerem after suffering a stroke.

But before prominent Yesha rabbis, Palestinians and American and European leftist anti-Zionist activists undergo a collective orgasm of sheer glee, reports indicate that Sharon is conscious and doing well, and that the stroke poses no danger to his life.

In the meantime, Ehud Olmert will be running the country.

Nu, Arik, you’re not getting any younger…maybe it’s time to cut down on the shwarma, habibi? Heh, I’m just kidding. Have a refuah shlemah, you crazy ol’ coot. Who will operate the tentacles of the worldwide Zionist entity without you?

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  • First of all, it’s totally wrong to laugh at people who are suffering strokes.

    Second of all, CNN’s first report of the incident reported that Sharon was “conscious, but confused,” which I thought would make a great political bumper sticker. Or maybe an ad campaign for Jewlicious.

  • they just showed a picture of the General on telly and the first thing I thought was “ya gotta cut down on the twinkies, cousin.”

  • I would think the Yesha rabbis widh Sharon refua Shleima so he could retire and live until 120 years

  • This is like the cartoon that appeared during the campaign of Bush I and his lackluster vice president Dan Quayle: Bush concludes a rousing stump speech with a string of campaign promises, then looks at Quayle and says “… and I promise I won’t die”.

    Lotta folks in Israel this morning are taking a good hard look at the Kadima peanut gallery, led by Shimon “Pee-Wee” Peres.

    This may work out – maybe after this incident Sharon will remember that he’s a right-winger…

  • BTW – for those of you overseas, the news this morning in Israel is that it was very minor and he has regained all his faculties, thank G-d.

  • Wait a minute, are you saying there’s a party out there with a superior slate than Kadima? Who? Netanyaho and Shalom? Or would you recommend Peretz or Beilin?

    Face it, Israeli political parties and the system in general with its lack of direct representation and emphasis on military and defense, simply suck.

  • Thanks for your call yesterday, son. I heard from John later and he was very worried for Arik (one of his heroes). I assured him that it appeared that the big guy would be okay, and that I’d gotten the news direct from Israel.

  • “Who will operate the tentacles of the worldwide Zionist entity without you?”

    Well, surely you are kidding. The Elders, of course. As usual.

    But we join that “refua shlema” anyways.

  • its more like “who will operate the tentacles of the racist aparthei jewish-extremist state”…there must be a jewish bin laden amonst you jews

  • Ben-David,

    What you are saying is not accurate. Sharon, though an architect of the modern “right-wing” has always been a hybrid thinker in many ways. His early background is certainly secular, and socialist.

    For you to cast him as a “right-winger” is therefore inappropriate. He is influenced by both Right and Left ideas.

  • “hybrid thinker” – that’s a good one, possibly the best euphemism I’ve ever heard for “politicial with no scruples”.

    This is a guy who, after leaving the army, dropped by a fellow former general who was organizing a new political party – and stole the guy’s manifesto and platform, reading out the other guy’s words as his own a week after he received them in confidence.

    When confronted, Arik replied, “the entire army knows I’m a *neveilah* and you don’t?”

    The term neveilah translates literally as corpse, it basically means “lowest form of scum”.

    I think Arik got it more accurately than you, David.

  • I have been thinking of you Sharon for days on end. I have been with you from the beginning. You kick butt. You are great!Get well for I believe you know what this war is about, to save Israel. Stay safe, my love..Shalom PegMI