Bloody Mary

My G*d! Is nothing sacred?
The season finale of South Park, titled Bloody Mary involved a statue of the Virgin Mary bleeding out its ass. Pope Benedict XVI then pays a visit in order to determine the miraculous nature of the bleeding. After investigating, Pope Ratzinger determines that the statue is actually bleeding from its vagina, and declares: “A chick bleeding out her vagina is no miracle. Chicks bleed out their vaginas all the time.”

This of course created some indignation amongst more conservative Catholics. The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, as they are wont to do, condemned the episode, claiming that it “defiled the Virgin Mary.” You may recall that the Catholic League president is one William Donohue who once claimed that “Hollywood is controlled by secular Jews who hate Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular … Hollywood likes anal sex.” So, whacknuts, right? Ignore the stupid fucks, correct?

Maybe not though. See Comedy Central was supposed to re-air the episode as part of a mini-marathon of the show’s most recent seven new episodes. However, it seems like they may have yanked it whilst under pressure from the loonie Catholic dudes. Yikes. Very bad precedent. So much for Hollywood being controlled by Jews though – Matt Stone, one of the creators of South Park, is Jewish and still they caved. Feh. So not cool.

Tip of the cap to Daze and BoingBoing.

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  • Whatever, we cannot throw stones. We who took down boobies to save some reader’s (and TM’s) sensibilities. JEwschool too by the looks of it. Shame on us all.

  • Just goes to show that some sacred cows are inviolable and that we do live in a Christian country. (Well, at least three of us do.) And not that I’m calling the V.Mary a sacred cow. Because G-d forbid; I don’t want my blogs to get yanked.

  • Correct, but that had nothing to do with my sensibilities. It was done out of concern for readers.

    My sensibilities would be fine if we began to post a daily Jewlicious Babe of the Day. And tzniut wouldn’t be a priority in those posts.

  • OMG. Are we ever going to hear the end of that?? I covered the aureola with those little Nazi girls because of TM’s concern for the children. And then a short time later I was presented with no less than two completely gratuitous shots of scantily clad women. Not Jewish women, no discussion of tznius, nothing. Just two gratuitous cheese cake shots. I never forced anyone to take anything down. Had TM decided that his imagery was appropriate, I wouldn’t have vetoed that and taken it down anyway because that’s not how I play. I assumed TM took the pics down because of the public outcry, not because he was forced to. See, we’re all pretty sophisticated – I can say “bleeding out of its ass” or use the word vagina or discuss menstruation as long as there is some context. And see? No real objection to date!

  • Correct, but that had nothing to do with my sensibilities. It was done out of concern for readers.

    Whatever. Jewlicious readers also don’t seem to like it when you defend the values of conservative judaism. You going to stop doing that?

    The point is that we run the blog and then readers come if they like and leave if they don’t. Not to be rude, but that’s how content providing goes.

  • Oh please, there is the whole community component to any blog. We can put up what we want but there is or at least should be some care for the rest of our community.

  • Can’t wait for the comic geniuses responsible for South Park to do an Holocaust episode. All in good fun, right?

  • Didn’t they already have Cartman dress up as Hitler one halloween?

  • “Want” in “as they are want to do” should be spelled, “wont”.

  • cipher: It was an unfortunate typo. I even remember thinking about it – using “want” in this context instead of the correct “wont” is a sure sign of baaaad writing and lack of ejumucation – sort of the written equivalent of “nukular.” Thanks for pointing out the typo. It’s all fixed now.

  • Well, face it, it was in damn poor taste. And I am not a Catholic.

  • So, let me get this straight. When South Park reenacts the holocaust and shows Jews being sent to gas chambers, you are going to be fine with that? No problem “Hey it’s comedy!” You sicken me!

  • Yeah its stupid they pulled it. Fuck the gingers one was great, that was a great burn on the holocaust. too bad they couldnt of made a burn on the muslims fucking shit up on europeans. Racial hatred can be hilarious if taken in the right context. so malika ma shalong.