Canada is promising to become more friendly to Israel in the U.N.

Canada has decided to adopt a more pro-Israel stance in the United Nations regarding the Israeli-Arab conflict and to move closer to the positions of Israel and the United States.

The decision followed a tough campaign by prominent members of the Canadian Jewish community, who directly lobbied Prime Minister Paul Martin to change Canada’s voting pattern.

Martin’s Liberal government, which is approaching general elections, has indicated that it would change its vote on three out of some 20 resolutions about the Middle East. This is in addition to changing its vote on four resolutions last year.

Bwahaahahahahahahahahahaha! You don’t suppose there is a pending election, do you?

I still recall seeing lawn-signs in the last election when I was visiting Toronto. The signs pointed out that the Liberal government never voted in the U.N. on behalf of Israel on any resolutions involving Israel.

ck – feel free to add a schizophrenic image.

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