Good grief. How about we start a war against Chrismahanukwanzakah?

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  • The part with “The Jews” would be less offensive if it were actually funny. Instead it’s just stupid and obscene. Since when did this kind of thing become OK in corporate America?

  • I agree- it wasn’t funny at all. I just sat there and watched it without even smiling… sort of like MadTV.

    Plus it is a little bit offensive that it just says “The Jews”. Not to mention disgusting.

  • There already is a war on, but so far, it’s just been a snivelling counter-offensive by the likes of Bill O’Reilly. They’d disdain this as much as any other amorphous ‘holiday’. What we really need is something that would force the two sides to ally together so we can just kick back and enjoy the in-fighting.

  • because Ramadan doesn’t conveniently fall around Christmas time or near Hannukah every year. and i think it’s pretty nice that Ramadan isn’t commercialized and perverted beyond recognition. it’s still about devotion and self sacrifice. and partying when the sun goes down.

  • virgin mobile should be ashamed of themselves. esepcially ‘cos none of it was even remotely funny.

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