That’s right, the American Jewish Committee, a fine and well respected Jewish organization of long standing, is wasting their precious funds and resources conducting surveys of the Jewish population of the United States.

If they would simply come to Jewlicious, they would realize that we are precisely representative of American Jewry.

Seriously, read the survey, it’s a fascinating snapshot of the American Jewish community in 2005. Sadly, although we learn that most American Jews have a connection to Israel, most have never visited Israel and cite high travel costs as a primary reason.

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  • seems to me that most of this information could be inferred without conducting a survey, not to mention the fact that much of it is interesting but… is it really necessary for us to know? no. a waste of funds? most definetely.

  • Well, I would be one of those Americans who fall into the strong connection to but never visited Israel category. Hopefully that will change come May.

    I found it interesting that most of the people surveyed felt that anti-Semitism was more of a problem in France than in Britain. I’d say it was just as bad if not worse in Britain.

  • I think it’s amazing the 22% of the Jewish people polled believed that anti-semitism was ‘somewhat’ of a problem in the Middle Eastern countries. Somehwat of a problem?! We have a satelite channel where you can watch newsshows from around the world. Just watch five minutes of any arabic newsshow and youll see that ‘somehwat of a problem’ does not even begin to describe it. But overall, it was interesting. A defineite waste of money, but still interesting.

  • Sure, it’s that plane ticket.

    That’s why my Reform cousins spent 1-2 years doing relief work in southeast Asia (coming home a minimum of twice a year, meeting their dad in Europe once) but never managed to drop in on Israel during all that time.


    That’s why my mother’s friend’s daughter got a scholarship to a music school in Scandinavia, lived there for 4 years, was visited by her sister (who after touring Europe for fun, came back several times as a Poli Sci graduate student) and her family… and NONE of them ever came to Israel, and she wound up marrying a Scandinavian gentile.

    Sure… it’s the money.
    We all know how tight things are for American Jews.