No, no, I’m not advocating war. Just reminding everyone that there are many soldiers who are keeping watch over Israel’s borders and airspace on this and every shabbat.

While we’re on the topic, most American soldiers and those Iraqi soldiers trying to build up their country may not be shabbat-observant, but they too should be thought of this shabbat as they risk their lives in good faith and out of a sense of obligation to their respective and to each other’s countries.

Shabbat shalom.

Source for photo.

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  • In the tradition of more often than not, right wing/religious commenters being nitpicky assholes who feel they need to be heard on every little post, I wanted to point out that the vehicle in the photo is not a tank but rather artillery.

  • Tank or gun, the sky is still pretty.

    May God protect the soldiers who protect Israel.

  • Harry wrote: I wanted to point out that the vehicle in the photo is not a tank but rather artillery.

    And I just wanted to clarify for everyone that the artillery cannon is longer than one meter, in case there is any confusion as caused by the soldier… 😉

  • I pray for Israel and let Adonai Bless the soldiers of Israel and let them be wiser!

  • As an American, I too pray for the Israeli soldier. They are still the only shining beacon of democracy in the middle-east, for a little while at least. While they hold the fort, peace and freedom spread.

  • tm, is this week’s shabbes post so military in light of our michael joining the forces?? gut woch.

  • Thank you.

    My husband’s deployed to Baghdad and reported that, among all the oysgeputz christmas decor on base, he finally saw a “Happy Hannukah” banner.

    It’s nice to be remembered, as who he is, over there, and what he’s doing, back home.