Not Cumming Soon

Oh my H@sh-m, this story has it all!! Rejected by his own people for being a talentless moron ahead of his time, Aviad Cohen is embraced by Jesus. Meanwhile, a fateful storm tests the faith of a loving family, while young lovers afflicted by Downs syndrome accidentally incur the wrath of a horde of Orthodox Jew zombies and Mobius, their Anarchist leader. Will what was stolen ever be returned? Will a sister ever regain the love of her brother, despite their different political orientations and tastes in music? Read all about it on Jewschool! And you MUST read the comments… such drama!

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • i “You hit the nail…”

    Are you saying CK crucified Mr Cohen? I saw the film, and it was Mr Gibson’s hand.

  • Wow. Without context, I would have said this was one of the most viscerally offensive graphics I’ve seen on a Jewish site. But in context … well … I think the Lawrences will really appreciate it.

  • Amazing. I was thinking the whole shebang was turning David Lynchian, but Rob Reiner would be a much better choice. And I love the use of “Black People Love Us” iconography!

  • hey I actually used to dress up as Gene Simmons for Purim all the time, check the pics in my myspace profile …

  • Wow, I didn’t get through the whole thing, but that’s pretty intense… I really don’t think they should take down the post, although it is rather unfortunate that this (may have) resulted in the Lawrences receiving threats. And secondly, Aviva, take a chill pill!

  • no they’re freaking evil people that trick lost Jews, if you had cancer eating away at your arm chalila would you take a chill pill? I’m amazed by the apathy many of you have for this cause.

  • Aviva, in my book insulting people based on their religious choices is not cool. There are other ways to deal with this.

  • I hate to rain on the parade, but I have to admit that the down’s syndrome part of the graphic makes me uncomfortable. Whether or not it’s meant to make fun of people with this condition, it could be easily interpreted that way. (It seems that mobius has now more explicitly joked about these children at the end of his updated post.) In case it makes a difference to anyone, from Dixie’s last comment on the jewschool thread it looks like the Lawrences are not as pleased with this post as Yisrael suspected they would be.

  • You’re not comfortable with the Downs Syndrome part of the poster? Why? They have daughter. She has Downs syndrome. Her boyfriend has it too. This is what people with Downs Syndrome look like. I wasn’t making fun of them unless you find such depictions prima facie funny and then its not really me that has the problem, right?

  • I don’t know why, besides the reasons I stated above. Maybe it was because I momentarily assumed (incorrectly I hope), when first looking at the poster, that these were actual pictures of their family. Maybe it’s because I think of having children with such a condition as a potentially very painful and difficult thing that is not to be taken lightly. Anyway, I hope I’m alone in my discomfort.

  • Well, ck, you were asking the other day about driving traffic to the site? Why not pick a fight with the messianic Christian with the horrible music?

  • Thank you for being so blatantly honest about your orth-occult practices. It surely shows, you don’t even have a shabbos full cup of love pouring out of this website. It’s just hate hate hate. Thanks for showing your Heeb frontin’ colors. Now the whole world sees how whacked you are. Especially the unsaved Jews who are thinking twice about Yeshua do tho how “un-Jew-ish” you are certainly acting.

  • typo…..due to how “non-Jewish” you act. Obviously, you don’t know God and this site and Jewschool.shlock are evidence of the absence of God in your lives.You can’t stand it when anti-semites attack you and cry baby down to the ADL but when you spew anti-semtisim towards other Jews, you feel as though that is actually ok. You guys are sick and diseased…mentally and spirtually.

  • Well, look who marched over to the other Big Jew Blog when he got locked out of Jewschool.

    Hey Aviad! Jewlicious doesn’t even particularly like Heeb. Just because we are all against you doesn’t mean we are one entity.

    But you have a good idea. Hey Jewlicious! How about a united front against this predators of Israel? Aviad has received way too much attention lately, and anyway, I don’t think anyone could beat the passion collage featured in this post.

    Just an idea, I think Aviad’s glory days in Jewish media should be behind him. Unless you can beat or match that collage.


    A Heeb Henchman

  • Aviad you wouldn’t know G-d if He shoved a lightning bolt directly at your keyster. I am quite sure that according to Jewish law I am totally allowed and in fact obligated to verbally abuse you because you are ‘mesit’- meaning you cause other people to sin by worshipping that former maggot food you call a god.

    I remember one time you blamed Orthodox people for your leaving Orthodoxy – obviously, you don’t have the strength to look at yourself and your pathetic weaknesses, meaning, you need to have your attention in order to survive and you have no compunction about switching whatever religion you believe in to get your fix, as long as you’re coddled and accepted.

    And Patty, you listen to me well. The religious choices of Jews for Jesus include lying and tricking Jews with less knowledge than they do purposely in order to convert them to Christianity with a Jewish stamp in a most devious and manipulative way. If you value your liberalism to the point that you think it is OK for J4J to do what they do, your opinion is of no importance whatsoever to me.

  • Jeez. We’re anti-Semites now because ol’ Shek can’t handle the truth?? Talk about chutzpah.

    We don’t hate you because you’re a Jew, Shek. You aren’t a Jew anymore, really, anyway, at least not in any meaningful sense.

    We hate you because you are a meshumad. You’re a traitor to the Jewish people and a traitor to G-d. And you have the unmitigated gall to call us anti-Semites? Where the hell do you get off, f**kface?

    You’re an Xian. Accept the fact that you have rejected G-d and rejected your people. You have no right to accuse us of anti-Semitism when you have sold your soul to the persecutors of your people.

    As Jews we are commanded to remonstrate with other Jews when they have strayed from the right path. And when people such as you try to infect other Jewish people with your disease, we are required to fight back. You should just be happy that we do not live in a society where apostasy is a captial crime. Read Deuternomy and see what the Torah says should be done to soul-stealers like you.

    You’re an outcast, Shek. You have no right any more to claim any of the privileges of being a Jew. Go eat the flesh and drink the blood of your dead man-god and leave us alone.

    “Maggot-food god”. Snerk. I’ll have to remember that one.

  • I wouldn’t say pity. Tragic, not pity. Aviad is obviously skilled in marketing and pr, and if he would have utilized those skills for something other than a music talent he doesn’t possess, or for something bigger than his own fantasy, he would surely have felt better about things. Even if he never returns to Judaism, I think he should consider utilizing his talents for something other than promoting himself as a false prophet harassing the Jewish community for all his pain and suffering.

    But it is no longer our problem, and we shouldn’t suffer it. It’s not our cross to bear.

  • I hate people that are Jews for Jesus, that missionarize. I hate them with all the power of good that there is in the world. Yes, it says, you are commanded to hate evil in order to know how to do good. hate is in the world for a reason: to give you the push to separate yourself from what is wrong.

    Sinas chinam, needless hatred against fellow Jews, is what is maligned in the Torah. notice, the NEEDLESS pre-attached to that. if hatred was bad in its own right, it would say, just plain hatred…. but that’s just some of the twisted Christianity that’s crept up into secular liberal bagels-n-lox Judaism…

    ahavas chinam is also false… you can’t just love everything and everyone you come in contact with, like Jews for Jesus, (may all of their places of worship be decimated) for example.

  • I didn’t hate him before, but I hate him now. For him to accuse people who take issue with his mishegoss of being anti-Semites, that is, of hating him because he is a Jew is just too much. He turns his back on his G-d and on his people and then when we take issue with us he calls us anti-Semites. I mean, it is so wrong, twisted, self-serving and self-pitying it is hard to know where to begin.

    It really fits the classic definition of chutzpah: the quality shown by a man who kills his parents and then begs for mercy from the court on the grounds that he is an orphan.

    Jews to Shek: FOAD. And take J4J with you.

  • I’m an EX-xtian who tries to be as good a Noachide as I can, and I can’t stand those JFJ creepies. It makes me sad and angry that waste of a Jewish soul.

  • Jewschool and Jewlicious blog all the latest Jewish news from all corners of the globe.Avaid will never win a debate on any subject against writers for these blogs. Mr. Cohen you are not intelligent and we can see this from you joing a cult. You do not contribute to any intellectual debate and you do not say anything that is fact. All you do is pollute the comment sections with your nonsense. Rick Ross and Jews For Judaism can prove everything you say is false. All you should start reading science books.

  • I agree with Ephraim. My prayer is that all humanity will one day acknowledge that God is One and Incorporeal and Indivisible and Merciful. Then as far as I am concerned, the time of the Mashiah will have truly arrived.

  • yeshua ha-mamzer died for his own sins!!!
    not yours aviad, only you will have to pay for them.
    a mesit is chayav mitah.

    do teshuva before you’re in any deeper and can’t go back on your words and actions.

  • i think the whole thing is made up by mobius in an attempt to use the line:
    All in all, this leaves me drawing but one conclusion: Aviad Cohen’s fans are, quite literally, deaf and retarded.

  • i “Why doesn’t Aviad do us all a favor, go to Ramallah and convert some Muslims?”

    😉 but that’d ber like telling him “get an afterlife” instead of just his well deserved “GET A LIFE”.

  • Right, well…I don’t wish to wade too far into this, although I have been following the entire thread both here and at Jewschool. What I will say is this; Aviad, 50Shek, whatever he wishes to call himself is sadly misguided at best and an apostate seeking to convert others at worst. That said, I am reminded of this…’It is the experience of the world that if a man takes a bundle of reeds he is unable to break them while they are tied toegether; but if they are taken singly, even a child can break them’ (Tanchuma Nitzabim I). We’ve admonished Aviad and the rest as best we can, but to carry on any further just continues to give a platform to someone who doesn’t deserve one. In my opinion, we should admonish him and the rest of the J4J crowd once…perhaps twice if necessary to refute any false or dishonest claims they make…and then ignore them. Love your enemies…they’ll hate you for it.

  • Hey which ones supposed to have Downs Syndrome? The fat guy in the middle is my guess.

    Matityahu, please. If you like being a Jew so much then you might wanna read Scripture some day. Your Messiah was supposed to be here before 70AD (as spoken of by the prophet Daniel, oh yes very Hebrew boy very Hebrew). So you can take your Talmud and other writings and burn them in the woods because I take the word of a prophet (who was extremely accurate) over billions of writings by your rabbis. Stop being a Jew and be a Hebrew for once. I’m not gonna even go into the fact that you do not believe a messiah came before 70AD which makes you spit in the face of G-d, you call Him a liar. You say He breaks the promises He’s made, shame on you and may G-d show you His ways and not man’s ways. His ways are not your ways and not your rabbis ways. Here lets dip into some Scripture here:

    Isaiah 9:14-17
    “Therefore the LORD doth cut off from Israel head and tail, palm-branch and rush, in one day. The elder and the man of rank, he is the head; and the prophet that teacheth lies, he is the tail. For they that lead this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed. Therefore the Lord shall have no joy in their young men, neither shall He have compassion on their fatherless and widows; for every one is ungodly and an evil-doer, and every mouth speaketh wantonness. For all this His anger is not turned away, but His hand is stretched out still.

    Come on, do the Hebrew thing reach out and grab His hand (hey read the next few verses if you want to see why).

  • Code King: I refuse to have a battle of wits with those that are unarmed. We can sit and quote scripture in English all day long, but the fact of the matter is that folks of your ilk excel at mistranslating from the Ivrit to suit your own misguided and ignorant purposes. And now, true to my word, I am going to ignore you and your lot. ‘How long will you waver between two opinions? If the Lord is G-d, follow Him: but if Baal, follow him.’ (I Kings 18:21) I’m adopting the ‘nyah nyah can’t hear you’ position, so have fun Code King and flame, misinterpret, and take things out of their given context to your heart’s content. Shabbat Shalom.

  • I notice Jew for Judaisms “Proof Texts” section is very small, they’ll have thousands of messianic prophecies to study, these guys look useless and lazy, if they are willing to go only to a few and ignore the other oceans. I also notice it has a NT anti-semitism section, man rhetoric over substance, this guy sounds like the Jewish Arafat.

    Also totally skipping Isaiah is telling, obviously this “learned” Jew doesn’t want to try and climb that mountain. No Micah, No Zachariah, No “Proof” here. His Daniel analysis is shakey at best. His goal is obviously to try and attack the NT, he rarely goes back into the OT. This is probably why this organization is unsuccessful, if a Jew is approached by a J4J missionary, they will most likely quote OT to them. This is why they are “taken in” by it. The NT means nothing to a Jew who’s never heard it before. I also browsed through the J4Judaism handbook and that is also quite sad. Most of the points that he brings up regarding the “Christian version” and the “Jewish version” were laid to rest with the dead sea scrolls.

    This article is quite interesting:

    Sometimes the Rabbis do get it right(in part):

    “All the time limits for redemption (the coming of the Messiah) are past and it now only depends on the good works and repentance when he shall come”
    Rabbi Rabh, Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 96b-99a

    Good works?! That’s what freemasons do, it’s hilarious they worship the Egyptian sun God Osiris and other Egyptian grisslies. Go back Egypt and just forget about Moses. This good works Judaism is a joke.

    I encourage anybody who wants to dispute the NT by studying it and studying the OT and read around and find out what the “problems” are, if you don’t believe than it should strenghen your faith that Yeshua isn’t the messiah, it’s better than taking the untrustworthy words of somebody who’s only objective is to make sure you stick to his version of Judaism.

  • Isn’t it funny how the only person who defends 50 Shekel is actually 50 Shekel himself under an ever-changing series of names he hides behind? Dude. If you want to convince people that you have more than one or two supporters, at least switch up the writing styles. The faux-hip-hop-slang-inflected “You gotta check it out in the Prophets and be true Hebrew, yo” shit and the hyperactive rhetoric is a dead giveaway, hombre.

    As far as the EVIL RABBIS, I’ve always given my ancestors the benefit of the doubt. I mean, there’s definitely a reason why 99.9% of the Jews alive at the same time Jesus was paid him no attention or actively rejected him. Hell, he got he rejected by his own hometown and family. Seems they, having been there, would know better than a mentally imbalanced bitter ex-Jew 2000 years later.

  • Code King you idiot there were so many “messiahs” around when your “messiah” was around. Look up Apollonius of Tyana or are you too lazy to do some scientific research. Or read Harold Bloom’s new book.

  • Fortunately, Code King is bad at his persuasion. Even uneducated Jews will catch on to his slander quickly. I wish all JFJ and their ilk were so weak.

  • Today’s Jews for Jesus are not like the early “Jewish Christians” (who called themselves Nazoreans and Ebionites). Ancient Jewish believers in Jesus were pious nationalistic Jews whose beliefs would not look much like anything we would recognize as Christianity today.

  • The apostle Paul and other Greek-speaking Jews and Gentiles rapidly transformed Christianity into something like the pagan Mystery Religions of the Greco-Roman world, and eventually our Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches were the result. (As for Protestantism, it split off from Catholicism 500 years ago.) During all these centuries Christians kept the Jewish scripture as their own “Old Testament,” and they developed ways of reading it as if it were written to Christians, not Jews. For instance, most of the “Old Testament” was reinterpreted, grossly out of context, as predictions of the coming of Jesus, his crucifixion, resurrection, etc. All the promises of God for his people were treated as if they were aimed at Christians, with Jews ejected from the picture for failing to believe in Jesus. The Christian view of Jews was all one big rationale for why Jews were no longer God’s chosen people now that (Gentile) Christians had taken their place. In the process just about everything got redefined–including the notion of the messiah, which now came to denote the incarnation of God himself.

  • The apostle Paul and other Greek-speaking Jews and Gentiles turned Christianity into the pagan Mystery Religions of the Greco-Roman world. The “Old Testament” was reinterpreted, grossly out of context, as predictions of the coming of Jesus, his crucifixion, resurrection. Everything got redefined including the notion of the messiah, which now came to denote the incarnation of God himself.

  • True enough; I studied comparitive religion in university and can honestly say that early Christians would have be more at home in a modern day Reform shul than anything resembling a church today. In fact early Christians required that converts go through a Jewish conversion prior to accepting ‘Yehoshua’ as their ‘messiah’. Still, what is disturbing to me is the modern day J4J perversion of the classic Torah Min Ha’Shamayim argument to suit their misguided attempts to convert Jews. In my estimation one can have a perfectly reasonable discussion regarding the historical ramifications of the Torah (similar to comparitive literature where one analyses the work against the historical backdrop of what was occuring when the work was written) without dragging false ‘messiahs’ into it. But I would say that this is a discussion best left to educated Jews and Jewesses and we shouldn’t give the J4J any forum at all to voice their dishonest and misleading arguments.

  • Science? You mean history idiot, man and I’m stupid. Code King != Aviad Cohen.

    -Also didn’t Manasseh kill Isaiah? Oh that’s rejection.

    -Didn’t Moses have to get another copy of the Law?

    -Wasn’t Joseph rejected?

    -Also didn’t the majority of people reject the words of Noah? (Hmm, sleep with the fishes)

    -And as they should the majority of the Jewish people rejected Yeshua the Messiah.

    Isaiah 53:3 makes it pretty darn clear. Go on go do your science thing.

    Also kley, it was the Jewish Messiah who was foretold to come at that time (read Daniel). Check the prophets.

  • First of all your christian myths are neither science nor history. Your entire religion is based on magic and superstition.

  • There is no proof jesus existed. The writing of few people trying to start a cult is not strong evidence. Funny how the new testiment contradicts tself so many times.

  • This guy (the Robert Price) is a complete idiot, first off he doesn’t believe in G-d, yes G-d can make idiots, it’s quite sad you run to the godless to collect “facts”.

    To bring Christianity to pagan Rome, the Emperor Constantine allowed the tolerance of Christianity (yep people were dumping those gods and worshipping the G-d of Israel, it was becoming a problem), so what happened was that all the pagan holy days were repackaged into Christian form. For example Christmas replaced the normal worship at Winter solstice, as Yeshua’s birth was more likely in the early Autumn. Also Easter is another pagan holy day repackagaed as Christian, there are no bunny’s or eggs in the NT and no command to follow these pagan holy days. Ishtar (not sure of the spelling, sounds very similar to easter) is a pagan fertility godess, therefore the egg as a symbol of reproduction and bunnies who are very sexually active represent this godess. Also ‘All Souls Day’ is a reaction to Gaelic pagans who worshipped on what we now call Halloween to stop people from celebrating Halloween and instead use the 1st Nov to commemorate the dead (this was a Church creation and is nowhere found in the NT). Messianic Judaism is actually closer to true, first century, Christianity. To say that Paul created a mystery religion twisted form of Judaism is just plain wrong. The Church, through covering the globe had to overcome the indigenous beliefs of the people who did not know Judaism, therefore to help those people understand it was easier to work with what they knew. For example if you’d never seen a car before, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say it is similar to a horse but it is built by a man, also it has to be given fuel and looked after, but it serves the same purpose. So to explain the G-d of Israel to these people analogies had to be made with their understandings. Obviously this can cause problems but it is a useful way that most humans learn. Analogies are used to explain things everyday.

  • There is evidence Yeshua existed, oh wait you call it the Talmud, go read it, yes they talk of Yeshua.

  • 1. Torah means teachings not law. Same root as morah after all.
    2. Joseph rejected?? Huh??
    3. Noah predated Judaism hence the Noahide laws and he wouldn’t have been a moshiach.
    4. Daniel is a part of Ketuvim, not a part of Nevi’im. He wasn’t a prophet as he did not pass the requirements of being a prophet. The Christians in their alteration of the Tanach to create the Christian OT moved him into prophets.

    And oh yah, the Christian concept of messiah does not exist in Judaism. The term moshiach is a title referencing anyone who is properly annointed with oil as specified by Tanach. FYI, we Jews have had LOTS of valid moshiachim as kings and priests were moshiachim being annointed with oil. 🙂

  • The followers of jebus are discussed in Talmud. The quote that people claim is about him is in fact a reference to a man who lived approximately 100 years prior to when jebus supposedly lived.

    So no, there is not one single contemporary record of his existance amongst Jewish or Roman records.

  • jebus? is that like the kosher way of saying (oh no! close your eyes and cover your ears!)jesus??

  • Hey aviad, this is AC, the guy you kicked off your site. remember, you removed the forum from your site when i debunked you.
    shall we get started?
    I challenged you then to a public debate and you declined, maybe now you prepared yourself a bit more? you’re acting pretty sure of yourself.

    do you accept the challenge??

  • Well, it just comes down to the faith one was taught when brought up. I, like all other Jews (and Muslims and Sikhs and Unitarians) was taught from a young age that Hashem is a Unity unlike any other (the Rambam says it much better than I)
    Like other pure monotheists, I rejoice in Hashem”s Unity and how Amazing and Wonderful Hashem is.
    So any J4J or other group is just Hilul Hashem is far as I am concerned. They”ll never change my mind or faith, regardless of what “”proofs”” they come up with. As far as I believe, even thes deniers of God”s Unity, will at the moment of their death, their souls will comprehend Hashem”s Unity, so truly Hashem is Totally Merciful. But it saddens me that these J4J”s will have wasted their entire lives believing “mishegoss”” as my Ashkenazic brethren would call it.

  • Jebus originally is from the Simpsons I think. Next time I see my neighbor Conan O’Brien, will ask him. He must know.

  • This whole story reminds me of something ongoing at McGill. For the past couple of years, there has been a lone man standing near the front gates carrying a large homemade sign. This guy is very persistent, comes to school every day, stands at the entrance and just kind of walks around holding his sign up. On his sign are allegations, some anti-semitic, mostly just incoherent rambling peppered with bible quotes. Obviously this guy doesn’t have a job and doesn’t mind standing outside no matter what the temperature (except for a few months in the winter when he gets a break). A lot of people at McGill are upset about this, people have written articles in the school paper, or have stood at the gates holding signs such as “I protest this guy”, but unfortunately nothing seems to phase him. Eventually people just gave up on trying to get him to go away and he’s still walking around with his sign. I really don’t have much of an idea what to do with him. I strongly believe in freedom of speech, but doesn’t Canada also have anti-hatred laws? The thing is, in this case, this guy is barking up the wrong tree. It’s a lot harder to convert highly educated people to your misguided cause and I haven’t seen anyone supporting him yet. I guess everyone is just kind of ignoring him and hoping he’ll give up.

  • Muffti doesn’t hate Aviad. Who cares if the guy makes crappy music and tries to convert people to what may be the world’s most ill-founded religion? Who cares if he was partly responsible for a rip-off of the jewschool logo that didn’t stay up very long (sorry, Mob, but Muffti just can’t get himself all excited about the issue)? It strikes Muffti as nothing more than mass insecurity to consider Aviad a threat to anything or anybody. Why any of you are getting so worked up about mr. makes-shitty-religious-music is well beyond Muffti’s comprehension.

  • “First of all your christian myths are neither science nor history. Your entire religion is based on magic and superstition.”

    May I edit your statement slightly Kley so it can apply more universally? All religions are mostly myths, no science, some ancient history, and rely on magic and superstition for proofs.

    I never cease to be amazed, and entertained, by all the truly intellectual energy that goes into ‘proofing’ something that cannot be. It’s called ‘faith’ guys, not ‘fact’. It’s not worth hate and discontent.

    I would add, the Jewish religion is one, if not the only one, that doesn’t seem to need to convert/convince others to reinforce its validity. A sign of self confidence.

    BTW Kley, the protest-ants separated from the catholics because of gross abuse of the flock by the catholic Royalty in Rome, as preached by Martin Luther. It is my understanding Christians separated from the Jewish religion for abuses of the flock by the Royalty in Jerusalem, as preached by Jesus.

    Martin Luther came very close to getting the same ‘priestly’ treatment as Jesus….uh, on second thought, I believe civilization had advanced to to a more humane burned instead of nailed to a stake. Now it is a quick death by your neighbors bomb. Progress.

  • Amen, Jim R. It’s so funny to see members of religious groups look at other ones and then snicker going ‘yeah, like THEY have a likely story!’ 🙂

  • Hey wake up JEWS! Read ISAIAH chapter 9. All these pictures that u made is develish and no doubt about that. You think you are doing good for G-d sakes but its sick spirutally and logically.

  • Oh, I hate him. Just because he corrected “un-Jew-ish” but neglected his biggest grammar mistake, using whacked instead of wack.

    Also, he’s wack.

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