From Ha’aretz Dialog poll supervised by Camil Fuchs.

The poll also shows that 30% of Israelis are more likely to vote for Sharon’s Kadima party because Peres has now left Labor to join it. Laborites are screeching, but they can only blame themselves – not necessarily for Peres’s loss in the election, but for the way he was treated subsequently by Peretz. Score another one for Sharon.

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  • what Peretz did to Perez is nowhere near as rude as what Perez did to Rabin, that is, have him killed. Are there really de-hard Perez devotees in Israel? I thought he was universally hated, like Arafat?

  • Israel is blessed with great leaders. Sharon is a Jewish treasure. Hardened to steel under extreme circumstances through his long life, this classic warrior wants to beat swords into plowshares.

    With the same determination and sense of whats right and wrong in its time, his courage of his convictions shows again on the battlefield of politics. A true leader worth following.

  • wow you really are in love with that fat man that has never missed a meal in his life arn’t you??

    I seriously don’t think any of those goons are good enough to run Israel if only David Kohane was not assasinated or maybe we could get Ruth Matar (the head of the women in green) to make a party or something because all those men named are way to annoying

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