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Join Jewlicious in Israel this summer – for free!
You all ought to know about Taglit-birthright israel by now: they provide a free trip to Israel to any young Jew between the ages of 18-26 who has never been to Israel on a peer-based trip before. So if you or someone you know qualifies and wants to go – start planning now! It’s a free, 10-day trip that includes travel, sightseeing, activities, accomodations and 2 meals a day – and you get to do it with the gang at Jewlicious – what more can one possibly ask for?

Registration begins rather early this year – February 8th. We strongly urge you to sign up for the Summer 2006 mailing list so that you can receive a reminder to register as soon as registration opens. This summer Jewlicious is teaming up with Oranim, the largest private taglit-birthright israel trip provider. As such we will have not one, but two buses – one departing in May and one in June. Your madrichim (subject to change) will be laya and ck in May and esther and Michael in June. Expect the usual and very popular Oranim program as well as a couple of additional Jewliciously inspired components.

So why go on a taglit-birthright israel trip based on a blog? Well… it’s hard to explain. We just know it works really well and everyone tends to both have a good time and learn a lot. And develop a life-long love of fine quality hummus. Also your friends and family will be able to follow along on Jewlicious as we live blog the entire trip. Sounds like fun? Well then don’t waste time! Sign up for the Summer 2006 mailing list and then register on February 8th. It’s generally first come first served but it’s also no obligation so even if you think you may want to go but you’re unsure, just sign up and register to avoid disapointment.

birthright israel
this trip is a gift from Taglit-birthright israel

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Damn! I just turned 27. Plus I’m a protestant. Well, too bad, sounds like a nice trip though… ;-).

  • Sounds great–is the trip seperated by ages, like college kids/ post college ?

  • Sounds great–is the trip seperated by ages, like college kids/ post college ?

  • I wish I could go, but I’m not halachically Jewish yet. I heard that people with a Jewish grandparent were eligible, though. Is that true? Fill me in.

  • I wish that I could go. It is 21 years since my first trup but I remember it as if it was yesterday.

  • cyh: in order to qualify for Birthright, you have to be considered Jewish by one of the major branches of American Judaism. Although, to tell you the truth, nobody really checks.

  • Do they check your age, or take your word for that too?

    I look much younger than I am! 😉

  • Thanks, Michael. I’m pretty sure I qualify by Reform standards. I’ll have to look into it.

  • I heard that Mayanot checks if youre circumcised right before you board the gate at JFK. Not pointing my 11th finger, but thats the word on the street.

  • jean: some trip providers make the separation and some don’t. There are 40 participants per bus and I would say the average age tends to be around 22. We’re not separating by age as far as I know.

    grace: they definitely check your age, sorry.

    cyh: the who is a Jew issue is always treated gingerly. If your grandmother on your mother’s side is jewish then you’re Jewish by any standard. Otherwise as long as there is some kind of Jewish link and you at least identify as a Jew, they’ll let you in. I would check the birthright israel web site just to be sure.

  • hello i work for the shabbos awareness center you guys came by us last time for dinner we would love to have you agin. any anyone who wants to have the shabbos dinner of their lives email me [email protected] and we will try and set you up.

  • TM- No more incongruous than Arieh O’Sullivan of the jpost, I think.

    Unfortunately, I’m still too old for this trip, but hopefully I can convince my sister to go. Fortunately, I’m going to Israel for the first time in late April.

  • Actually, I found someone named “Xian Paskiewitz” in the company directory once.

    Not “Xian” as in “Christian”, but “Xian” as in “a probably-Chinese-woman-probably-married-to-a-guy-named-Paskiewitz”.

    Thought it was a very cool name.

    I also saw an election poster in Chinatown saying “Vote for Jew”.

    I figure there have got to be a lot of ways to write the Chinese name “Jew” in English: “Joo”, “Ju”, “Jeu”, etc. Why “Jew”, I wonder?

    If I hadn’t been worried about being arrested for vandalism, I would have taken the poster home with me. It was just too funny for words.

  • Much as I wanted to see Ether finally go to Israel, this method of only going if one is being paid, leaves me feeling empty.

    I still offer to pay for part of her own trip there on her own, w/ out the limelight.

  • Yeah, ‘cuz they pay madrikhim on Birthright so much. That sweet, sweet $200 is definitely the reason Esther is coming. Hell, in New York, that could almost pay for dinner!

    Hey Jobber, maybe you should just use your money, instead of for sending Esther to Israel, for getting a new, un-Jewlicious-related hobby. Have you considering knitting?

    And why the hell do you have your website listed as My Urban Kvetch?

  • We get paid, too? I really had no idea. [Complete absence of sarcasm, complete honesty, totally unaware of this.] I assumed that my ticket would be paid for, and that’s it…

    Jobber, I’ve asked you nicely before. Please stop posting comments with my URL as your own. Thank you.

  • Bunch if close minded conservative creeps.

    On what basis Esther gets this free trip I would like to know?

    When was the last time she was in Isarel?

    Would she ever go there for not getting paid?

    $200 is still paid dopey Michael, are you denying this? I’m sorry, creepy Michael.

    I see, issues raised that Michael does not understand he must call the poster creepy. Very intelligent.

  • Jobber:

    1. you used her url as yours again; this after she specifically has asked repeatedly that you not do so

    2. the creepiness is your obsession with Esther’s “welfare” and travels

    3. I’m asking very nicely – and I hope Esther won’t find me presumptuous for asking for her, but she can tell us all if she disagrees – that you focus on the many other topics of discussion here and any other site where, ahem, you regularly visit, and stop creeping us out with your constant commentary on Esther. Just pretend her name is The Middle and ignore her.


  • Jobber – you ask some relevant questions, but in an otherwise mean spirited way. But I’lll indulge you with some answers.

    The $200 the madrichim get is generally agreed upon by all to be a pittance. I’ve worked 3 trips and usually I am the first one up and the last one asleep. The $200 is meant to help defray costs ie airport taxis, lunches, incidentals etc. The madrich position is a hard and thankless one and is considered a volunntary position.

    Esther is also amply qualified to be a madricha having spent a year abroad in Israel and being able to converse in Hebrew. She is also very responsible, diplomatic and she specializes in ice breaker and other group activities. As such she exceeds the requirements to be a madricha.

    Would she have gone but for this opportunity? Definitely. Maybe not this summer but eventually. So now she gets a free trip, but I promise you, she will more than have earned it in 10 days.

    But above andd beyond anything else, these are Jewlicious buses. Esther got this trip because I said so. That’s really all you need to know, but like i said, i am feeling generous so i indulged you for a minute. I hope you apprecciate it.

  • I see, so there is in fact a cash cow over here, and that is cool. Some aspects of all of this, are not clearly stated, it is just a topic of coversation on one of the many blog sites and such.

    My interest in these matters are completely business like. I am attempting to locate a secondary source of income, so that “All I need to know” is on a different level than someone elses.

    I do not have to be constantly harrassed for this.

    The web site I have changed but it is bec. of my using this, that her numbers are up as I am regularly featured and respected on many blog sites.

    In fact, the whole market aspect of shall we say the world you live in, was completely unknown to me a year ago. So a learning process, should be free, free from harrassment and constant degrading remarks, when In fact, I have attacked no one. I was told to change the logo, I did so. Still middle continues his smarty-pants remarks.

    Finally, I am only, in the particular case everyone is losing their collective bras over, giving her what she gives out regarding celebs, as you all are. Bt you all, I mean the what you call, sharholders of this web site, specifically, those who photo shoot ad nauseum, as if in a trace,
    and who likewise attend and initiate social events, coverered by, the media, and I use this term only moderately loosely.

    Well, got to hit the treadmill now.

  • Did that make any fucking sense to anybody? Cash cow? Shareholders? Regularly featured and respected? I mean, putting aside the unlikelihood of Jobber being featured anywhere outside of a police lineup, since when did $200 to cover transportation and meals turn into a cash cow? If there’s loads of dollars to be made from Jewlicious, I have yet to see it.

  • oh dear. esther has a stalker. you’ve hit the big time now! first comes the disproportionate adultion, then the rage.
    jobber, i don’t think the blogging sector is your best bet for a supplementary income.

  • There’s tons of money to be made from Jewlicious, Michael! let me give you an example. Right now Muffti is drinking a cold, refershing coca-cola and thinking about ordering a delicious pizza hut pizza ™ with mushrooms, which will be delivered in 30 minutes or Muffti can get a discount. He’s going to wash it down with a big gulp of Manishewitz(tm) and perhaps then go to see a movie at the fantabulously comfortable Loew’s Theatre. He’ll then buy a pack of durex ™ condoms, since they are the best, and see if he can’t make it a good night. If he can’t, there’s always CNN ™ to watch on television, most trusted news in America.

    Soon as those companies see THAT, Muffti will be rolling in cash. bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Enjoy your 200$, jerkwad! 🙂

  • Hey GM, you’re the only one who makes any sense over here! Why have I been ignoring you all this time, I must be crazy?

    What about the flight, is that covered as well? It is a summer time flight is it not? THat is high season, something like $1200 from NY.

  • Hi CK and Laya! (It’s danielle one of the soilders from the first trip). I’m happy to hear you’re having another trip to Israel!!!
    I must tell anybody that considers going, I had alot of fun even as an Israeli who already visited most of the places. It’s a great experiance – don’t miss it!!!

  • Jobber: seriously, get off this tangent. The flights are heaavily discounted and have a face value of $45.00. That’s right. 45 smackers. Being a madrich for 40 Americans and 8 Israelis is a very, very hard job. The compensation you receive doesn’t even come close to compensaagting you for the hard work involved. However, what makes it all worthwhile is knowing that by showing these people Israel you’ve done a great thing.

  • No problem CK, just I personally loathe some North American Jews who never make a trip to Israel, or haven’t in years, then when asked about it, they say it’s finances. Dude, you should see the type of work I have to do, so that I can go just once or twice a year. And now I have to take my oldest child, who wants to go w/ me… So it may be hard work, but it’s still a free trip during high season. I can never even think about high season for myself, now is when I go Feb-March.

    So I find it annoying especially, w/ all this type of Loving Jewishness blog sites out there, and the person can’t expend from their own funds.

    I probably am a minority on this one I will admit it has a sort of history, when we moved there many years ago, you wouldn’t beleive the reactions from people in the community, let’s let it go I agree.

  • i don’t know what you’re complaining about, jobber, because Israel in February and March is GORGEOUS (pardon the tacky all caps). much more so than Israel during the summer months. that’s just my opinion. personally i love Israel and I identify as Israeli, but have you considered that there are ways to be/feel Jewish and love the “Jewishness” that don’t involve going to Israel? jeez. and some people have other financial priorities. it’s not your damn business what other people do with their money. why must you loathe?

  • If you are married to a Jewish person, does that count? I am Jewish and I am wondering if my husband would qualify for birthright.