Free Israel trip

…and then some.
That’s got to be some kind of record. After 24 hours, all Taglit-birthright israel trips run by Oranim are sold out. That means if you want to go to Israel with Jewlicious, well, the best we can do is maybe wait list you. I don’t even know if we can do that – I swear my head is spinning at how fast those Israel trips filled up. Now for those of you who have registered – duuuudes. You have no idea! Prepare for a mind bending 10 days. We’ll be issuing updates regarding itineraries and stuff like that in the days and weeks leading up to the actual trip. Those of you who have questions, well, feel free to ask!

Seriously though. I am still stunned.

birthright israel
this trip is a gift from Taglit-birthright israel

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