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  • Gorgeous pic. All it needs is a picture of Kelsey wearing an “I Heart Genital Mutilation” t-shirt under that rainbow or over the cloud or something. Then it’d be perfect. Shabbat shalom…

  • Esther, my jewlicious friend (we can stop capitalizing jewlicious now that it’s listed as a word in the Oxford Dictionary, right?), you have just made me laugh out loud. I miss your smile and humor – hope you’re having fun in la la land.

    Shabat shalom.

  • this reminds me of those inspirational posters you see in stale offices.

  • true, but without the awful “inspirational” phrases on them, the posters are just really nice photographs most of the time.

  • hey,
    it would be nice you write a post about ilan halimi (z”l), victim of rapt, barbarian acts with antisemitic reasons in the paris suburb

    french jews are touched and i think jewlicious should be too


  • Avi, you are right and I apologize for not writing about him. ck and I were discussing this story at the Jewlicious @TheBeach gathering. As you can see, we’ve posted very little of anything in the past several days because we are so busy.