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A Palestinian suicide bomber, dressed as a Haredi Jew, blew himself up in a car driven by an Israeli couple who had just picked him up while he was hitchhiking this evening. The couple, a young female passenger and another teenager outside the car were killed. The attack took place near a gas station at the entrance to the West Bank settlement of Kedumim. The car was completely obliterated and remained aflame for over an hour after the attack.

According to Haaretz […a] new group linked to Fatah, the party headed by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, claimed responsibility for the attack. The group, from the Balata refugee camp in nearby Nablus, called itself Kateb al-Shahid Chamuda and identified the bomber as Mahmoud Masharka, 24, from the West Bank city of Hebron. The Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade, similarly affiliated with Fatah, also claimed responsibility for the attack.

Hamas, one day after taking office, had these kind and concilliatory words in response to the attack:

“It was a natural response to the Israeli crimes, to the continued Israeli killing, incursions and arrests,” said Hamas lawmaker Mushir al Masri. “Our Palestinian people have the right to defend themselves.”

So that’s how it’s going to be then, huh? Cuz ya know Mushir, our Israeli people also have the right to defend themselves. And they don’t have to dress up as if they’re going to a Jewdas/Heeb party to do it. They can pretty much march in at will and blow your shit up. Sure a rucksack full of explosives is pretty powerful, albeit a tad indiscriminate. But that aint nothing compared to a missile or two launched from an Apache. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Israel has many, many ways to fuck you up.

Is that what Hamas wants for the Palestinian people? Dang yo – I see a lot of heartache and pain in your future you stupid, stupid fuckers.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


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  • God damn. A few assholes blowing themselves up, and a few assholes in Parliament does not a good government make. But fanning the flames of assholiness with Apache strikes is exactly what they want Israel to do. It’ll give them an excuse not to moderate, not to negotiate, not to represent the best interests for the Palestinians, but rather to work their populace into a martyr’s frenzy.

    But what else can Israel do short of retaliation? God dammit. God f’n dammit.

    This is why I need to get to Israel: so I can see for myself and know exactly how to feel about all this.

    More thoughts, please, CK. I see this as a few genocidal jerks ruining it for everyone else. Is that an accurate depiction? God dammit. What dumb fucking self-destructive assholes.

  • Mike: trust someone who does – living in Israel, or visiting Israel for that matter, doesn’t necessarily lead to an increased clarity of mind about the political situation. I think having moved to Israel I may well now see way more shades of grey than I did from the US.

    Of course, that shouldn’t stop you from coming to Israel in any case.

  • That’s exactly why I want to get there. In the US, it’s way too black and white. The truth does reside in those gray areas, but I feel like a prick advocating such positions from afar.

  • You’re putting the cart before the horse, Mike. Unless you accept the Arab position that the very existence of Israel is an aggression against the Arab nation that must be eliminated, the only answer is for Israel to fight them.

    A few missiles are not going to turn these guys into bigger assholes than they already are. That’s impossible.

  • Thank you soooo much for the last graph, ck. I couldn’t have said it any better. This was a hate crime. It served no purpose other than to kill the innocent. This was not a militant. These victims were not oppressors. There is no diplomatic option as long as Hamas is in power – their official reaction speaks volumes.

  • I havent been here for a while – and I don’t intend to make it a habit 😉

    But unfortunately I come back here after months and I see the same nonsense from poor poor Jews who never learn and never see.

    Mike and Michael, don’t you understand that the arab has pride and they see us as ‘agressors’ they see the country as theirs. did you really think that hamas’ position is that of “A few assholes?!” Come on already- when will it sink in that the arabs in general feel like Hamas!? Come on really now! Shades of grey? I don’t see any grey – take off your foggy glasses already!

    Regarding the ‘elections’ The whole election process in Israel is a fraud. Note the low voter turnout people are sick of having no alternative.

    Kach is banned so no one can vote what they really want – a removal of the hostile arabs from our country.

    Israel right now is a totalitarian regime and an unfree country.

  • Joe, it is not right of you to lump all Arabs into one category. What happened was a horrible, despicable, cowardly act of one man. Are there many more like him? Sadly, yes, but there are plenty of Arabs who want the same things Jews want. To worship their G-d, to raise their children, to go to work and live in peace. But this stuff with Hamas is bullshit. There is no way Israel can try and compromise with these guys…it’s like trying to strike a deal with Hitler after the Holocaust…forget it!

    I’ll tell you one thing though…I bet that suicide bomber was super surprised when his ass hit the pearly gates expecting to see all those virgins and saw G-d looking back at him going, “Sorry sir, you’re taking the elevator DOWNSTAIRS. Hope you like it hot.”

  • Um, I don’t want to make light of this at all…but that being said, didn’t anyone see Freeway? I mean, my mom taught me never to talk to strangers nevermind pick them up and give them a ride. I know that giving someone a “tramp”/lift in Israel is much more accepted and practiced, but…

  • I suppose this incident proves the saying “No good deed goes unpunished”. However that suicide bomber just disgusts me. If someone is as nice to you as that couple clearly were, how can you do that to them? I don’t get it. Or pehaps gratitude and basic humanity are utopian qualities that don’t exist for some people. What an utterly depressing prospect for Israel for the next few years.

  • Danielle –

    This was NOT just one “disgruntled” person.

    It takes an organization to recruit, stake out targets, and make/smuggle the explosives and pieces of bombs.

    These people operated with the open encouragement and funding of Fatah – and the Palestinian street’s response was to elect people who do the same thing – just without bothering to put an PC face on it for the foreign TV cameras.

    I’m sure there are many Palis who just want to live in peace. But I’m not at all sure they are the majority (certainly not among the younger, thoroughly radicalized generation) and I’m positive that they are not shaping Pali policy.

    I’m glad you see that Hamas cannot be dealt with. Despite your desire to maintain your humanitarian appreciation of the Palis as people – success in geo-political conflicts often means making lives miserable for entire classes of people, whether or not they are innocent.

    Just like those 4 Israeli victims were also innocent people who just wanted to live in peace.

  • Ck and other tough talking mutha’s:

    1) If only there were anyone left in the IDF who spoke – or even thought – like this!

    Unfortunately there isn’t.
    Even more unfortunately – the Arabs know it.

    2) Move here.

  • danielle,
    You wrote “but there are plenty of Arabs who want the same things Jews want. To worship their G-d, to raise their children, to go to work and live in peace.”

    -who’s arguing? But thats the point.
    They are good people – they just want to live in peace but worshipping ‘their God’ and in ‘their land.’

    Now if you have a people who think Israel is ‘theirs’ then they can’t remain there – and if they do then you get war and fighting as we see.

  • Shades of Grey my eye, it’s all actually black and white. There is a substantial population of of PA’s dedicated to the eradication of Jews. THey coordinate their efforts to make explosives, smuggle explosives, train bombers, and finance as well. This goes on in plain site of their govt, who does nothing nore really cares to curb this. THerefore you have a tremendous hostile threat to the nation, which should be dealt with accordingly, any means necessary

  • You can’t blame Hamas and Fatah for defending themselves against the highly effective of the withdrawl weaponry, which has devastated the Palestinians with 0 deaths since the last Gaza campaign. The Israeli technology known as “abandonment” has so dumbfounded them that they’re scratching their heads tryin to figure out who to blame that the garbage STILL isn’t getting picked up. “It must be those prickly Jews again, victimizing us.” Well they won’t take such sitting down… uh,.. sitting down! That’s right. Ands so they’ve changed their strategy entirely. Yes. Their motto now is One Land for One People, and they’re all converting to Judaism. If you can’t beat join ’em, right? Or at least dress like them and accept their niceties… and THEN blow yourself up in their midst… Its a brilliant strategy that we’re going to have to come to terms with.

  • Per Mike, we should condemn this attack– if only because it forestalls the inevitable appearance of moderates, covert Jeffersonian democrats, among the Hamas leadership.

    Certainly, we should pay no attention to rogue legislators who tastelessly restate the movement’s platform at this sensitive time. In no way can this man be construed as speaking for Hamas.

  • Morrissey,
    I started reading your post and then got to the word ‘moderates’, and there was really no point in reading further.

  • Oy vey. All of you. I’m in favor of condemning, but I’m just so confused by the Hamas administration now. I mean, I found this article about their position on cooperation, which is positive and, as Morrissey says, moderate. But…this?

    Shades of grey is all they’ve got. If anyone knows anything about politics, it’s that everything’s grey. That’s why this whole situation’s so damn complicated. I’m with you Mike.

  • Um, why are you confused Andrew? He didn’t mention Israel in his speech. He did speak about the “Judaization” of Jerusalem and stopping the occupation, but he didn’t say anything new. If Israel is willing to:

    (1) let in the children and grandchildren of refugees from a war started by the Arab states and these refugees, so that they can influence democratic elections into turning Israel into a Palestinian state; and,

    (2) if Israel is willing to go back to 1949 armistice lines; and,

    (3) if Israel is willing to leave all of east Jerusalem and give it to the Palestinians even though they never had it in the first place and Jews had been a majority there until the 1940s when the Jordanians won the city and all the Jews fled or were evicted;

    (4) THEN and ONLY THEN, will Hamas agree to BEGIN NEGOTIATIONS for a CEASE FIRE that will NOT be permanent.

    That is the Hamas “conciliatory” position; that is their moderate position.

    Geez, that really is gray and so confusing.

  • Ben David, I never said anything about a disgruntled person. But using a descriptive term like “Arab” describes more than just Palestinians. People should choose their words more wisely, otherwise they sound just as ignorant.

  • middle, it’s not the stance that’s gray, it’s the dealing with it that is. or, maybe, the reason WHY you want to deal with it. or, the everyday opinion vs. the opinions of the most talked about crowd.

    it’s always been this…Isreal’s got their stance, the PA and now Hamas has their stance…but when they start to deal with each other, then it gets grey. Because when you get face to face, you realize your stances have to weaken a little or else you’ll just get nowhere.

    i’m not saying give up Jerusalem. i’m just saying that when political big wigs start to deal with each other, things don’t get so black and white anymore.

  • Andrew, I think we’re talking past each other a little here. Hamas is not populated by really nice guys who are just a little confused and need to meet some Israeli leaders face to face to begin compromising.

    Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood, an extremist fundamentalist Islamic group that believes the ENTIRE land is theirs because god said so, that Jews may not have anything but a subservient position to their Muslim superiors, and that the entire region needs to become one ruled by Islamic law. They believe this as surely as you believe that the Earth is round. This isn’t a “stance” and it isn’t negotiable. That’s not me talking, that’s them talking.

    This is why they will “consider” a cease fire, not peace, and not the relinquishing of their claims over the entire land, but a mere cease fire if Israel essentially agrees to destroy itself. And while you don’t want to say that you’d give up Jerusalem, that is their baseline, not their ultimate objective, but the absolute minimum.

    But whatever, suddenly you sound reasonable and I sound like the hardass because you want to be nice to murderers who target civilians. Your wishful thinking is all nice and mushy, while my desire to ostracize them begins to look unwavering and tough. But I know this, I want to hamper them from getting their hands on any more money or weapons because if anybody’s being nice to them the way you’d like, Hamas will merely be better prepared for their next war. You can put that in black and white.

  • Its not just Hamas – the PA and HAMAS always had the same goals. The only difference is tactic.

    Wherea HAMAS is straightforward and says they will fight and not recognize Israel ever the PA’s tactic was to do it piece by piece first through negotiations and then when Israel is small and weak to join with the other arab countries (invite them in) to finish the job.

  • I’m just curious whats the dead Jew quota for you, before you finally agree to a more proactive (aka offensive) position? I don’t care what the PA says, I just see what they do, it really is that simple….

  • It is funny that the same people who will stretch our election results to mean that “the people have chosen withdrawal” insist on dimissing the landslide majority of PA Arabs who elected Hamas. What exactly does an Arab living in Judea, Samaria or Gaza have to do to convince you that he supports the murder of your children and must be assumed to be in favor of that policy unless otherwise proven?

  • middle, i’m not trying to be mushy. nor am i trying to be nice to terrorists. i’ve just got a naive faith in humanity. ok, yeah, that’s pretty mushy. whatever. tough is tough…and as for Hamas’s stance, it can go take a bath if i wants to. i just have a little more faith in negotiation. if i’m wrong, i’m wrong, and nothing’ll be solved like always and we’ll go back to losing lives on both sides. which isn’t too fun at all. and i’m not talking about the lives of terrorists…i’m talking about the lives of Israelis who didn’t deserve all this and the Palestinians who didn’t deserve all this.

  • Josh/Ephraim– sorry, I’ll issue an irony alert next time . . .

  • If it makes you feel better, Tom, I got it.

    Andrew, admit it, you just want everybody to hug and get over it already. 😉

  • Unfortunately Andrew it is exactly your attitude that causes so many innocent lives to be lost.

  • andrew, i felt that punch in the nuts, too. especially considering the fact that so many innocent lives are lost from js’s attitude as well. at this stage, we’re just picking poisons and hoping we’ve developed enough antibodies for our choices.

    please no more punches in the nuts to the naive ones, fellas. really.

  • Wow, Hamas dressing up as Haredi to fool and kill Jews? I guess they’re really returning to their roots.

  • Mike you think innocent lives are lost from my attitude as well?

    How good it would be if my attitude was listened to.

    Once the hostile arab population is removed from Israel there would be no HAMAS or PA or others to dress up as Hareidim, to blow themselves up, to kill innocent Jews.

    They would have to act like that in Saudia Arabia-not in Israel.

    It is to your attitude that our great Rabbis of the talmud refered when they said:

    “He who is merciful unto the cruel is in the end cruel onto the merciful.”

    Don’t feel singled out there are many commentors here who I remember also spoke like you and now in this article talk tough about HAMAS. But even they are foolish because until it hits them over the head they don’t see – they make fun of those who do see it ahead of time. Furthermore they even now try to draw distinctions between HAMAS and the PA and the ‘average’ Israeli Arab. They still refuse to see that the ultimate goal and desire of all these are the same. How wrong they are and how many times will they have to be proven wrong before they understand.

  • hostile arab population? removed? is that possible, if every arab is a potential threat? or are they? is it possible to separate the hostile arabs from the non hostile if the single act of separating them creates more hostile arabs? see the problem, Joe?

    now, if it’s the case…do you want to remove ALL arabs? that would be the humanitarian move of the century! then we’d have peace! sure! then everybody would LOVE israel. sounds like a fine prize to get. i’m stickin to my guns, pardon the pun.

  • Andrew, you insist on negotiations with folks who don’t want to negotiate. It’s a sentimental resort to form over substance. It implies all sorts of beliefs that fly in the face of current realities.

    You suggest that when leaders meet, they abandon old black-and-white worldviews. Really? Did Hitler and Stalin, or Kim Jong-il, moderate their policies after negotiating with the West?

    Re-reading the post, the term “natural”– as in it’s a routine, ordinary matter to blow yourself up, taking innocents with you. This bespeaks a profoundly damaged, spiritually perverted culture, as we Americans are now discovering for ourselves in Iraq.

  • Tom, I got the joke. I just wanted to confirm it to put Josh’s mind at ease.

  • Thats right Andrew I propose removing all the arabs becasue they are all hostile.

    Here is your problem:
    “then everyone will LOVE israel”

    Andrew I don’t care what the world loves or doesn’t love.

    I’d rather be alive and hated than dead and loved.

    This is a major Jewish problem: seeking the love of the gentiles even unto death.

  • Joe Schmo- Take second and consider Spielberg’s last two Jewish-themed movies. The one, where we are marched to our deaths, we are also treated with the greatest romanticism and appreciation. The one where we fought back and defended ourselves, we are circumspect and torn down. Now, I do not mean to engender a debate about him or his films – I simply mean to demonstrate that in the most pedestrian of art forms, in the forms that most resonate with the average American – there is a simple conclusion. Love for the dead Jew. Hatred and animosity for the strong Jew. We can no longer concern ourselves with THEIR love. We must embrace their anger.

  • oy. i don’t want anyone to think that i don’t absolutely want to rip people like the Al Aqsa Martyrs and Hamas apart. Especially when Hamas doesn’t say anything about anything.

    This isn’t even worth arguing about. It’s about as dead a horse as it can get.

  • Thanks young jabo.

    Its important that we speak the truth even though others don’t like it. Its unfitunate that Jews don’t learn from thier past and continue to grovel. That is the problem in Israel too. Who does the govt there ban?! Mair kahane and anyone who understands that the arabs must be removed – even if others will not ‘like’ us. That is why the elections there are a sham. People can’t vote for what they want:
    -to remove the ememy and to live.

    These are the facts Andrew Israel is on its way down so long as kach and Meir Kahane are banned.

  • Joe man, hate to break it to you, but Meir Kahane is uh… like, dead. Just sayin’

  • Correction – Kahane is MURDERED. Were he an Arab terrorist – he would be MARTYRED – oh words! But CK – from just this article alone – I know you are smart enough to realize Joe is discussing KACH