I thought that I should note that we had fun, good food, no alcohol whatsoever, lots of laughs, lots of songs, lots of pleasant noise by kids and families having fun, a megilla reading, a lousy play by a bunch of well-meaning kids who had an adult provide them with lame dialogue, and did I mention good food? I could eat prune hamantashen all day long (insert your tacky The Middle Eats Prune Hamantashen All Day Long And… joke here).

Then again, why did the Jews have to slay the wicked enemies at the end? I’m not talking about Haman, but those who were going to carry out his edict. What ever happened to amnesty? The rest of the story was fun, however, although I have a feeling that if it were an HBO show, it would be somewhat more explicit.

Let the preparations for Passover begin…

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  • They had to slay them all because the King’s edict could not be retracted… they did not need to kill all of them, but they did need to defend themselves against the people who had accepted the mission of killing the jews… (if i remember tanach class correctly… it’s been a while)

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