So reports the NY Times. I’d link but you need a subscription.

I have no idea what this means except that it’s clear that as Matisyahu has become a bigger star, he’s been courted by larger music players than JDub. On the other hand, considering he’s become a star under their management, it is a little confusing as to why he would leave. Either way, I’m sure their bottom line will take a hit although their credibility should get a boost. After all, they brought this guy up from crayons to perfume. Or something like that.

Hey JDub guys, have you heard Rav Shmuel? Check him out as a replacement. Just don’t let him record the Indian song, it is too simplistic in the line it advocates.

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  • First of all, he has become a Moshichist, so he is not kosher anymore at all. Secondly, I did hear one of his new songs yesterday. It sucked. It was totally cliche. “if I forget thee oh Jerusalem”, then he ripped off some riffs from some other rocker.

    Yes, he sounds authentic, for what it’s worth.

    I cannot understand musically what the attraction is.

    I can only surmise that it is a novelty act, that is not fading out yet.

    I could write him some excellent lyrics if he is interested.

  • What the heck does that mean, “he has become a Moshichist”? Did you write that because you heard that track of him singing “yachi”?

    Lately it seems people like yourself really want him to be a yachinik, but I’m doubtful. And anyway, my understanding is that that track was recorded before his first CD even came out, which, if he is a yachinik, that means he has been a yachinik the whole time.

    So why was he kosher before and not now? And what is not kosher about being a yachinik anyway?

    More than a year ago, people were saying the exact same things you’re bringing up right now: it’s a novelty act, he’ll fade out soon, blah blah blah. Yet it seems he’s growing in popularity from week to week.

    I just saw him perform at Purimpalooza erev Purim. Some people were already singing along to the songs from the new album.

    You’re entitled to your opinion, you don’t have to love him, but give it a break. He’s here to stay, and he’s going to spread Torah his way, whether you like the lyrics or not.

  • And I have to say, having my radio sing “we want moshiach now” as part of a Top 40 pop song is a little more bizarre than I’d ever expected.

  • Jobmesiter: agreed. His new album, Youth, it’s total crap. Still can’t figure out why he ditched the sprit reggae, it was going so well for him. His new shit (intended) sounds like background music for an Acura commercial.

    But I support his decision to bounce from J Dub, which should be an/or remain an indy startup level. in the old, out with the new. have you guys heard of my new band?

  • Encino, dude, have some heart for the JDub guys. They’re getting older, too, you know. They need to start making a real living soon…

  • Awww, I don’t know the whole story, but I liked Aaron and crew. Maybe Matisyahu just got too big for JDub to handle. Oh what a blow for the indie music effort. I hope JDub continues to prosper though. With acts like Balkan Beat Box and Ben Hesse, I’m sure they’re going to do fine.

    Re: some of the other comments. I haven’t heard much of “Youth”, but “Shake Off the Dust” was an awesome, true to the roots reggae album. He knows his stuff. So, you can’t call him a novelty act. He’s real. Now, whether “Youth” is selling out or just trying a new thing… thats for us to find out and not jump to conclusions.

  • It’s not real to me at all. The whole BT act and then playing the kind of placed and all that. I heard Shake off the dust, it was OK, nothing I would listen to alot. Shotei HaKfar I would listen to 1000 times bef. this dude.

    There is no way to prove this, but honestly, w/out the Hassidic shtick, just Mike Miller, would he have this Sony record contract, MTV promos and all?

    WHat is unkosher about being a Mashichist? That means that he believes, that the late Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, Z”TL, is going to come back as the Mashiach.

    That is Christianity, not Judaism. According to almost every living Poskek, you cannot eat at this house, or you cannot daven in a shule of Mashichistim.

  • How can you even compare Christianity and yachiniks (in general)?

    Your average yachinik dedicates his whole life to Torah and Hashem, and yes, it makes them happy that their Rebbe sent them on that mission, but they’re totally dedicated to Torah.

    Whereas your average Christian, since time immemorial, has been all about having people accept Yoshka as G-d and as G-d’s son.

    Did you ever hear a yachinik say, “G-d made a new covenant, you don’t have to keep those silly old six one three…” NO! For sure no. They’re all about it.

    So, you can say you don’t like that they’re connected to the Rebbe the way that they are. You can say that you believe them to be wrong. But to compare them to Christians is distasteful, frankly.

  • Hey Jobber, if you’re going to talk smack about him, at least get his name right. It’s Matthew Miller, not Mike.

  • […] No, not a sniveling creature lusting after a ring, nor a kabbalistic humanoid created by the Maharal of Prague to defend the Jews. Golem is one of the unique Jewish musical offerings that’s brought forth by the non-profit JDub Records label; the same fine folks who discovered Matisyahu and helped launch him to greatness (even though he had a messy split with them). They also have their own webpage (nice music and lots of pictures!) & a page on MySpace. JDub`s Golem in town Thursday night JDub`s (the label who discovereed Matisyahu) newest band, Golem, will be in town this Thursday at a new club called Boca. “Folk punk!” This sounds so fun! […]

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