Check out this site by a woman who claims to find that her husband is blogging behind her back…and doing some other nasty things as well…

Please do keep visiting us, dear Mistress (and please reassure us that it ain’t real).

Or maybe it is real? Please let this all be one big joke.

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  • It sounds like a joke. I asked, actually–specifically because whoever is in charge there sent me a link to it. Just like the “inspiring” blogger had. So I’m suspicious. And in any case, uncomfortable.

  • Well, if its not a joke than dating master must be so embarrassed that his wife is a much funnier and more interesting writer.

    Please let it be a joke, or else it is just too sad.

    The truth is, it is so petty, it is probably real.

  • Just put you guys on the front page again at virtual jerusalem… which I am thinking of renaming “virtual jewlicious” what do you think?

  • I honestly think this is real because the only person whocould come up with such biting snarkiness is a women who is living though this. Humor has no muse like a women scorned. My heart goes out to you Mistress. Please start socking away money and make sure you have your own bank accounts he can’t get to, because if decides to start seeing hooker about his problem, the bills are not going to get paid. I find it amazing that people don’t think this is real, this goes on in marriages all the time and it’s emotional cheating.

  • Honestly Chutzpah, when I first read her, I thought of you.

    So I guess right now, I’m leaning toward real. :shudder:

  • It’s nice to be thought of Middle! Trust me, I’ve heard alot worse than this in the “Orthodox Women’s Divorce Support Group” I attended a few years back. I’m sorry to inform you all that living in Jerusalem and/or being observant does not prevent marital problems. I hope these two get some counseling and viagra and watch lots of porn together, maybe things can be saved, but it sounds like the resentment level is blowing the roof off.

    I hope you will allow me to pimp my myspace page here and that everyone will visit and shower me with lots of kudos, attention and support. I will be blogging the process of finishing my screenplay and my usual state of singlehood. Also, like Esther, I am trying to quit paying online dating fees until my “finances are better or my optimism in meeting someone real plummets”.

  • Chutzpah, if you change your mind about being up there, let me know and I’ll edit it out.

    In the meantime, :thumbsup:, you look very nice, even if the musical selection leaves me begging for some Neil Young or Radiohead.

  • Thanks…I’m out of the closet! I like that you can make certain posts available only to friends and that only friends can leave messages, so hopefully I won’t have any troll problem. Who are neil young and radiohead?