I’m in LA till next week, so what the hey right? It’s Oscar night – figured I’d go check out the scene at ground zero on Hollywood blvd. by the Kodak theatre. I saw 16 Blocks last night at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. The theatre was WOW (especially when compared to the crappy theatre experience at Jerusalem’s Malka Mall), the movie was ehhh, Mos Deff though was awesome. The other good thing was that Graumann’s is next door to the Kodak Theatre and it was late at night so we managed to sneak right down and actually touch the fabled red carpet.


That laxity was all gone by the next day. The streets were blocked off and the LAPD was everywhere as the hoi polloi couldn’t get within 100 feet of the Kodak Theatre. K9 units, bomb squad, metal detectors, cops on bikes and uniformed cop babes (come on, this is ck writing, had to do it man …). I felt like I was back in Jerusalem, trying to get a beer. Or a bus.



Of course, the Christian nutters were out in force, heckling the stars as they drove up in their limos, telling them they were going to hell and that God hates fags. You know, the usual. OK so Jewlicious moments? Uh for the folks back in Quebec, look for my interview on MusiquePlus. John Stewart was a fine host, poking fun at shutout MOT Steven Spielberg (“First there was Schindler’s List and then there was Munich. I can’t wait to see what happens to us next!”) and Yitzhack Pearlman (“The Three Six Mafia’s going to get into it with Yitchak Pearlman’s posse. How are they going to settle it? A dreidel-off!”). Of course there was the surprise Best Supporting Actress win by Rachel Weisz who looked radiant with that nice Jewish baby in her belly (Oh, and it was also Rachel’s birthday today too! Mazel Tov!).

OK, so it was totally stupid. But it was kinda fun. It can’t be all about saving the Jews and shit.

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  • What sort of twisted world is this that CK gets to be close to the Oscars and I’m at an apartment party where no one is paying attention and talking over MOT’s Jon’s monologue?

    Just to amend the statement about what Jon said about “I can’t wait to hear what happens to us next,” he added the word “…trilogy!” That’s genius, my friends.

    And at least Paradise Now didn’t win an Oscar. That saves us all from reading tomorrow’s anti-PN editorials from the regulars…

  • and then theres this gem of a headline from jewwatch

    Jewish Dominated Hollywood Oscars Reveal Zionism’s Multi-Racial Prejudices as “Crash” Racialism Film Beats Out the Jews’ Near-Winning Favorite, the Bi-Sexual “Brokeback Mountain” Movie

    linking to this story

    ‘Crash’ Pulls Off Best-Picture Oscar

    emmmm mr. jewwatch.. where did you get that headline.. i dont see it anywhere in the article

  • There’s also the fact that Will Smith refered to the nation of origin for PN as “the Palestinian territories” rather than “Palestine” as on the Oscar website.

  • Jim Phelps is the jerk with the Westboro Baptist Churg (from Topeka, KA) who is always picketting. For me it’s a toss-up as to whether that’s good or bad. Drawing attention to poorly behaved Christians is fine with me, but they picket people’s funerals. That is so far beyond okay I can’t describe my reaction in a public forum.

    For the record though, it’s Jon Stewart. He was born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz. The name change wasn’t orginally due to it’s inherent jewiness, but rather Jon’s desire to not carry his estranged father’s name.
    More on this:

    Also, while I liked the Yitzhack Pearlman vs. Three-Six Mafia reference, I think about 6 people in the audience actually got the joke.

    /the more you know…

  • Aaargh, I am so sick of everybody claiming Rachel Weisz as Jewish. In interviews she has said that only her father is Jewish – on Wikipedia it states that her mother is Catholic (with some Jewish heritage). That means that that baby in her tummy is not actually Jewish. I would know – I have more Jewish heritage than her, but have to spend two years converting! I have nothing against the lovely and talented Rachel – but if she can be accepted as Jewish, then so can I!!

  • wow, bitter much? jewtoo, Rachel Weisz is as Jewish as she wants to be. I’ve read consistently that she was raised Jewish, and that her parents both fled Austria and Hungary because of anti-semitic persecution, despite the fact that her mother is part Catholic. Besides, plenty of Jews under the Habsburg monarchy converted to Catholicism, so maybe that’s the story there. Maybe not. Who cares? Anyway, she and her baby (conceived by two gorgeous and brainy Jews) are jewlicious in my book. That having been said, Michelle Williams was robbed.

  • Ofri, you are correct. Who cares? And somebody is as Jewish as they want to be. Now, if only I could find a nice Jewish boy (and his family) who thinks the same way … Anyway, it was good to see Jon Stewart doing his thing.

  • Damn. Rachel Weisz isn’t actually Jewish? Well, shit.

    I have to agree w/jewtoo. Nobody is “as Jewish as they want to be”. You’re either Jewish or you aren’t. If Weisz’s mother was a Catholic, even if she had some “Jewish heritage” (whatever that means), she is not a Jew unless she has converted properly. End of story. If her mother was actually Jewish but was a forced convert, then her daughter’s status as a Jew needs to be resolved by competent rabbinic authorities. Oppression, anti-Semitism and “raised Jewish” doth not a Jew make.

    Since we’re laying the old SNL “Jew, Not A Jew” game, you know who ought to be a Jew?

    Salma Hayek.

    That woman gives a whole new meaning to “drop-dead gorgeous”. I thought I was going to have a heart attack just looking at her. Keira Knightly and Natalie Portman are pretty, but they look like boys.

    Salma Hayek has more femaleness than the both of them put together. I was back in the saloon in From Dusk Till Dawn with the white python and everything.

    Gotta go, my keyboard is shorting out from all the drool.