So there’s this Hamas “politician”…

He has his home in Jerusalem and the Israeli government decides to revoke his resident status because the Israeli government believes that any Palestinian government which approves and encourages suicide bombings should be distanced. This Hamas politician lives in Jerusalem and as such has received a resident card. Most Palestinians who hold these cards consider them to be extremely valuable commodities because in many respects they are treated like Israelis which may include the receipt of state money and health benefits. So what do you do if you’re this Hamas “politician?” You call your lawyer and plan to sue Israel…completely oblivious to the irony of suing a state which you don’t recognize…

Okay that was the joke. I thought it was funny. Sue me.

Not to worry, this is small-time hypocrisy. Before Rantisi was killed by the Israelis, he was famously quoted as saying that his son should NOT become a suicide bomber because he had better ways of contributing to the Palestinian people.

Uh huh.

By the way, there is no way that bomber was 21. I keep seeing his photo (see below in the bombing post) and he is a kid. He doesn’t even have facial hair yet and his body hasn’t filled out.

Oh, and the real joke? The Israeli government’s response to this bombing is to remove the resident status of 4 Hamas Jerusalem residents. Tough, real tough.

EDIT: They’re definitely going to petition the Israel Supreme Court. This is too funny!!

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  • No, that’s not true: I believe the IDF kicked over a Palestinian trash can somewhere.

  • I think Israel is being extremely restrained in this aspect, although it is still a strange reaction. Being evicted from your home can’t be too nice but the suing is a bit ludicrous, although we must bear in mind that Hamas does now recognize Israel.

  • I think Israel is holding back a bit to make sure Hammas has plenty of rope to hang itselfwith.

    Obviously, given how things are going, that won’t take long.