The scent of Jasmine, the taste of the east, the sounds of Jerusalem

The place that symbolizes Jerusalem for me? To climb up the YMCA tower, at night, and gaze at the walls,” says Eli Amir. “Look at the walls. See how the lights and shadows mix, the interplay of happiness and sadness. The merging of longing and reaching. The trees blur our vision and everything is so mysterious.

“So close and so far. The distance of the night, yet it seems that if you reach out, you can touch those massive walls. They are yours and they are not. They are theirs, and they are not.

“And that is the whole story of Jerusalem.”

Read the rest of the lovely and interesting essay about Eli Amir, an Iraqi-born Israeli Jew who tells us how he straddles both his Arab and Eastern roots alongside his Judaism and presence in Israel.

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