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Yeah, yeah. We got it wrong once before. But this time the evil Al-Quaeda henchman is dead. For sure. Some in the West have regretted his death, like Michael Berg whose son Nick was beheaded by Zarqawi:

“The death of Mr. Zarqawi means a continuation of the violence and revenge that took the life of my son,” he said. “This will mean an increase in violence and resistance to the occupation of Iraq by the US military.”

The usual suspects are predictably already criticizing the Bush administration and those responsible for Zarqawi’s death because they feel Zarqawi should have been captured and put on trial. One such dick who I will not link to said the following:

Either he provides you with extremely helpful information about his network and activities as some captives have done; or if he clams up you put him on trial before the world for his crimes as an example of what happens to people who do the things he’s done.

Yeah. They get an international media platform for years while on trial allowing them to blather on and inspire their minions to even greater acts of terror. Or better yet Dick, stop tending to your stupid garden and go risk your own fucking life trying to capture Zarqawi alive.

Fuck that. Dust the motherfucker. There’s much one can criticize the Bush administration about with respect to its policy in Iraq. Offing Zarqawi now is not one of those things. Consequently I urge you to enjoy the above movie, provided by Little Green Footballs. It’s video from CENTCOM of Zarqawi’s last moments on earth.

Hey man. Nice shot.

More details: Zarqawi betrayed by one of his own

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  • Big deal, like this will cause people to love bush and his sic stupid war.

    give them a couple of weeks to regroup and recoup dude.

  • Ah, the Clinton approach of treating someone like this dirtbag as if he’d violated a traffic ordinance.

    Put him on trial, sure. It’s not as if we’re actually at war with these people or anything.

  • Excellent, and thanks. Quick note: Nick Berg is the son, not the father. I’m sure Nick Berg is up there beating the crap out of Zarqawi as we speak.

  • Yeah. They get an international media platform for years while on trial allowing them to blather on and inspire their minions to even greater acts of terror.

    There’s nothing like war to scratch the pretty surface and reveal that deep down, even reasonable people don’t really believe in trials and due process…

  • Nah, Muffti, it’s war itself that makes people seek other solutions. It’s not as if this man hid what he was doing. He has openly and brazenly taken credit for numerous attacks. This is not the same as saying that under it all even reasonable people don’t believe in due process.

  • People openly and brazenly take credit for things often and still get trials. Muffti isn’t saying it’s feasible to give him a trial. Or even pragmatically the best thing to do. But he thinks its incredibly regretable that the circumstances don’t allow it. He just hopes that it makes some difference in ending the horrible situation.

  • I don’t know. Based on the last trial of an Al Qaeda operative, it seemed to simply be a propaganda platform for these terrorists more than anything. I have a feeling that with Zarqawai, if it would have even been possible to catch him (it’s not as if they haven’t tried for years), it would just be an even bigger circus.

  • “give them a couple of weeks to regroup and recoup dude.”

    One can only hope, eh Jobber? How to hell else can Bush be beat. I mean, who is really the more evil anyway?

  • I don´t give a shit that the hatefilled psych0path is snuffed but honestley if bush and his incompetent morons had never invaded us in Iraqnam would we ever have even been aware of this idiot?
    Read his history. He was mostly initially concerned with snuffing shiites and jordanites. The good old U.S. of A. gave him the perfect recruiting platform in Iraq. Mostly his death is a relief (temporarily) for the despised (in the muslim world) shiite heretics. In actuality, if handled correctly and consequently within the framework of the secular humanistic legal and philosophical principles and human rights that the west (theoretically) esposes, Islamic terrorism would eventually implode just through the inherent hatred that they have of each other.
    I refer you to the eternal and continual internal turf war that has been a part of Pakistans daily reality since day one.
    Personally i always find it amazing that people like ck. never seem to be able to connect the dots and realise that pigs like Zarqawai believe in the same principles that they do ie.: “why mollycoddle obvious criminals with human rights and rule of law? just cut their fucking throats, I know they´re guilty, whar more do we need?”
    The only difference is who they believe the criminals and crimes to be, a perspective, which in the case of the unanylitical, is only result of where the were born and the dominant “correct” world view in which they were brainwashed.
    Snuffing the terorist was good for shiites in Iraq but did nothing for the safety and security for all non muslims.
    Removing Bush and his incompetent fools from power BEFORE they invaded Iraq would´ve helped.
    Oh by the way, Zarqawaii was not Osana bin Ladin, who I feel the US has a justified gripe against. Wake me up when we snuff that pig.
    If ever.

  • Jim, R, Don’t feakin put words in my mouth ok man? One can only hope, youre sick man.
    I cannot oppose the war in Iraq, is that your point?
    I live in a fascist country Jimmy?

    I cannot feel that the war is wrong, is a waste, is a mistake?

  • Muffti’s right. If we’re gonna try common criminals, the felons who live in our midst, fellow-citizens who break the law– we should try everyone we capture on the battlefield, making every effort NOT to kill them. Even where, as here, Zarquawi is, in effect, shooting at us on a daily basis. What’s a few more dead white trash from Louisiana, compared to our reverence for due process, trial by jury, and right to counsel of our choice– whoever and wherever we are, US citizens or not?

    It’s a stain on our history that we didn’t try every Wehrmacht soldier we killed or captured on the battlefield. Clearly, our Constitution’s a farce.

  • Ummmn, Morrissey, Muffti can’t help but detect a bit of sarcasm in your post … 🙂

    Muffti isn’t saying taht you shouldn’t kill people in war, and often you have to make tricky choices. All he’s sayign is that there is an ideal of how to treat people and departures from taht ideal (whcih includes due process, etc.) are things we should be sad about , not cheering for. We certainly shouldn’t elevate killing into the ideal rather than doing what we have to do to end the violence and war that is going on. Thasss’all.

    And it’s not our constitution – the Iraqis havce been drafting a constitution, have courts, etc. They are even trying saddam!