rockerChief of Staff, MOT, Josh “Rocker” Bolton laid down some tunes at the recent White House COngressional Picnic. His band, The Compassionates, played some old Rock n Roll tunage as reported on CNN:.

President Bush was the host of the annual congressional picnic Thursday at the White House, but it was his chief of staff’s band that came close to stealing the show….The Compassionates, appearing like the Blues Brothers in their dark shades, white shirts and ties, ended their set with “Born To Be Wild.”

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Rabbi Yonah


  • Italian,

    In case it wasn’t clear, I was referring to the national travesty when President Bush literally strummed a guitar while Katrina drowned New Orleans.

    For any member of the Administration to use the word “compassionate” is obscene.

  • It’s good to see the Republicans extend their laudable tradition of minstrelsy started by that scheming malevolent hatemonger, Lee Atwater. Who else pull off a stunt of such mind-numbing hypocrisy, trumpeting their love of African-American culture while shitting all over the human beings that created it?

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